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Snooker Rule

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kenny1234 | 13:21 Mon 14th Nov 2022 | Sport
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In snooker I know the rule whereby a player cannot use a ball (off the table) to check whether a colour will spot or not after potting it. (the referee has to do it). However what about if the player is wondering whether to play a certain colour and lays his finger near the spot concerned to guess whether it would be a wise move. (assuming he knows the length of his own knuckles compared to the diameter of the ball)-would that be allowed?


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I think a player can touch the playing surface so long as he doesn't touch or move any balls.
but I think just judging by eye would be as good as the method you describe.
And - a snooker ball is 2.07 inches in diameter. The balls contact each other just over an inch above the playing surface so measuring on the surface doesn't really help.
Why after potting a Red does a Player have to nominate a colour? Any colour he/she hits is obviously ok.
//Any colour he/she hits is obviously ok.//

No it isn't. A colour must be nominated. It then becomes the ball "on" and if any other colour (or a red) is struck by the cueball first (or potted) it is a foul. In practice, especially in the professional game, it is not usually necessary to verbally nominate a colour unless there is doubt as to the player's intention (say, if two colours are close together).
The same is true for the amateur game.....if in doubt, call the colour out.
Question Author
Any referees out there to give the definitive answer to my original question?
I don't think there is anything in the rules that prevent a player from touching the surface of the table. In fact you often see players removing dust or small particles from the baize.

The rules do provide penalties for "unsporting conduct" which is define as:

...any conduct by a player which in the opinion of the referee is wilfully or persistently Unsporting; or

(iii) any other conduct by a player which otherwise
amounts to Unsporting Conduct;

But I cannot see how the action you describe would fit that bill.
Question Author
Thanks New Judge--that seems to cover the possibility,
Thanks New Judge and DTC.
has kenny been pulled up on some baize misdemeanour along the lines he descriebd?

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