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What A Horrible Death!!

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piggynose | 10:14 Sun 29th Oct 2023 | Sport
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Could it have been prevented?



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Canary - // Freudian slips perhaps //

Nothing so exotic!

For some reason the spell-checker has stopped working, so my common errors pass through unchecked.

I certainly don't find it difficult to apologise, I have a track record to prove it.

douglas - // There, see what can happen when we all work together? //

Steady on!!! 😉

So, was it an accident or not?

Tilly - // So, was it an accident or not? //

Based on the video clip I have seen - you can find it on YouTube - the foul was intentional, although I wouldn't for one moment imagine that the player thought his action would result in a fatality.

In my view, it was not an accident, it was a 'professional foul' as sports people describe it, but it does appear to have been a spur of the moment reaction, and I am sure the player involved is regretting his moment of madness.

It gets even more tragic...his father and aunt were watching a live stream in the USA. 

I don't believe for one moment Matt Petgrave meant to seriously hurt Adam Johnson but his actions were reckless and cost someone their life. He will have to live with that for the rest of his days.


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What A Horrible Death!!

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