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Checking Data in Excel =VLOOKUP formula

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funkylad20 | 13:45 Tue 10th Mar 2009 | Computers
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I have two spreadsheets. One has a list of 1,000 Unique Reference Numbers (URN's) on it and each of these is classed as either A, B, or C.

I have another spreadsheet with only 500 of these URN's on it and want to find out which class each of these are (A, B, or C).

Obviously I have simplified this example for ease of explanation, but can anyone tell me the basics of how to do this formula? I beleve you use =VLOOKUP somehow but this one is quite new to me...



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I will take it for granted that the sheet with the 1,000 URNs is Sheet1 and that the URNs are in column A and the A,B,C classification is in column B.

I will also take it that your 500 URNs are on Sheet2 and are in column A.

I will also take it that both Sheet1 and Sheet2 have column headers in row A.

So in cell B2 of Sheet2, insert the following function :


and fill this down column B of sheet2.

That should sort you out.


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Checking Data in Excel =VLOOKUP formula

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