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Block an IP

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dogbutter | 19:21 Sat 17th May 2008 | Internet
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I've Googled this and got nowhere. If I want to stop a connection being made to my pc from a specific IP how do you do that? I don't want to change zone alarm for another firewall as I'm happy with it's performance in every other respect. A free solution would be preferable as I'm very cheap! Running XP sp2 (if that's needed). I typed netstat -an and noticed had established a connection, this is spyware being trialled by Virgin Media right now.


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ps. I appreciate a firewall in this scenario is utterly useless, data originating from your ISP gets flagged as generic host process . That's why I'm asking, need an app. or setting working on a lower level to address the IP ban. PLEASE
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I don't believe this is beyond the scope of resident answerbank techs?
Installed Netdiag.exe from XP CD
Run the Netdiag /test: ispec
No problems,
Installed IPSeccmd.exe
The next instruction is:

To add a dynamic BLOCK filter that blocks all packets from any IP address to your system's IP address and targeted port, type the following at a command prompt.

Note In the following command, Protocol and PortNumber are variables.
IPSeccmd.exe -f [*=0:PortNumber:Protocol]

A working example demonstrating syntax here would be appreciated as I've lost it at this point. Please help
What a name Dogbutter! lol

Sorry I don't know the answer to your question, but could you tell me how you found out the IP of netstat, or how to find out the IP for any other site for that matter? Thanks.
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Finally got it sorted...all on my lonesome...
Even worked out how to contain the script in a batch file and pin it to the start menu to reapply the rule every time!
Google IS your friend.....


On XP, start>programs>accessories>command prompt
(or, start>run>type " cmd ")
Type netstat
All connections with host names are listed.
Type netstat ?
For a list of netstat commands.

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Block an IP

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