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tommy39 | 21:53 Sat 17th May 2008 | Internet
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is there such a thing as a broadband splitter . at the moment we are using a crossover cable that work's fine, however if i want to do anything off line i have to unplug the modem connection and pass the cable over to my wife, so she can continue online. be thankfull for any help


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Use a router - you can both use it hen.
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had a router, load of crap most of them. a splitter would be a lot easier,,,,,,,,,,, hen
you need a better router than you had before then, go for either netgear or lynksys and you won't go far wrong.
"had a router, load of crap most of them. a splitter would be a lot easier"

I know what you mean - had a car once, it was rubbish, anyone know how I can fix to motorbikes together to make a 4-wheeler?
What you want is an ethernet switch hub.

Instead of taking the cable out etc. would it not be simpler to just rightclick the connection icon in the toolbar and click 'disable'? When you are ready to go back online do the same again and click 'enable'.
This is a lot quicker than removing /inserting cables.
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thank you very much wildwood last someone with brain's who tries to help.i will give your suggestion a try,again thank's

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