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Messed Up Laptop. Help Needed!

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MadMen | 12:28 Thu 16th May 2013 | Technology
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I have no idea what I've done to this laptop, but something's not right, that's for sure.

There are weird ad's popping up on nearly every site I open. Things like "have you heard of this old weird cure" kinda thing and lots of flashing boxes saying I've won competitions.

I've just gone onto the desktop to see if there was any malwarebytes thing on there, and I found something called IOBit Malware Fighter. I've done a scan and it brought up 197 threats, which I have now 'repaired' - but it's still playing silly beggars.

What else can/should I do?



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ad blocker should fix it
Question Author
Sorry to be such a pain, but would you be able to post a link to an ad blocker please.
I did Google it, but so many came up and I'm a bit wary of choosing the wrong thing to download and then getting more problems.

Thanks :-)

Download this freebee, I find it excellent. You must however open & run it every seven days & update it every time, it keeps my computer 'clean' all the time.

Have you tried running a malwarebytes programme to take anything else out?

Then perhaps an ad blocker.
Question Author
Thanks WR and DT.

Should have said in my original post really, I'm really unsure as to what to and what NOT to download with regards to Malware stuff.
As above, there's loads on Google and I'm a bit worried that I'll cause further problems if I download and run the wrong thing.

Question Author
I'm now running that superantispyware and it's saying 335 threats detected!?

It's still scanning, but will it give me the option to repair those threats, once it's finished?

Don't use the other one - it's probably the problem.
Question Author
My goodness, there's flashing boxes everywhere!! It's not just this site though, I can't even log in to my hotmail, and my Facebook has gone crazy with ad's too.

Right. I'm going to click on that link now and see if I can get this sorted out.

Thanks Ed :)
Question Author
Just to check, that link has taken me to a site called Reimage. It says it's going to do a full scan and then I have to register, purchase licence key and begin restoration - full repair starting from $19.99

Is this ok???
NO, when I click ed's link it takes me to the bleepingcomputer page, you have some malware on your PC that is redirecting you to dodgy sites!
Question Author
For Funks Sake. Thanks for confirming that.

Great. What to do now....?
Question Author
What about this? Does it seem legit?
That seems legit to me.
Question Author
Brilliant. Thank you.

Sorry for all the posts, but it's doing my head in. There's ad's all over the place, flashing boxes and bizarrely loads of words on AB are underlined in red.

I'm going to install that now. Thanks again.
Definitely malware/spyware if you have posts underlined in red. I think AOG had a similar problem recently.
No need to apologise for all the posts either :)
I hope you get it sorted.
Question Author

Madmen....You seem to be very unfortunate and continually keep getting problems.

I thought you had already installed Malwarebytes. In fact I have been wondering how you got-on with the scan you recently did.

Just to add to everyone else.
Start your computer in to safe mode and then run Malwarebytes too remove any nasties. Sometimes works better in safe mode.
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Messed Up Laptop. Help Needed!

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