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Messed Up Laptop. Help Needed!

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MadMen | 12:28 Thu 16th May 2013 | Technology
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I have no idea what I've done to this laptop, but something's not right, that's for sure.

There are weird ad's popping up on nearly every site I open. Things like "have you heard of this old weird cure" kinda thing and lots of flashing boxes saying I've won competitions.

I've just gone onto the desktop to see if there was any malwarebytes thing on there, and I found something called IOBit Malware Fighter. I've done a scan and it brought up 197 threats, which I have now 'repaired' - but it's still playing silly beggars.

What else can/should I do?



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Thanks for the further responses.
I ran malwarebytes and it came up with 9 threats (or whatever they're called). It gave me the option to remove them, and then said I had to restart my computer.
Can't remember now what the threats were, but there were 9 different things that I'd never heard of. 'Pup' something?? Should have made a note of it, for this really.
Anyway, all seems to be absolutely fine... touch wood.
I'm not going to put an ad blocker on, as I don't really mind the genuine ad's that pop up - it's just all those flashing boxes and 'you have won' banners that do my head in.

I think the problem might be coming from a website I've been using to download movies. I've only recently put it on here (my son's laptop) and I've had so many problems over the last couple of weeks. Have uninstalled it now, along with the others that malwarebytes picked up.

What I don't get, is do I have to manually run that malwarebytes every so often then? I thought the first time I downloaded it and ran it (on one of my previous threads) it would then automatically pick up any 'threats' - though it appears not...??? :-/

Anyway, no words are underlined in red any more, and I can access both Facebook and Hotmail with no problems.
Still have ad's on the page, but they seem to be 'legit' ad's, and one's that are supposed to be there.

Thanks again for all the help. Much appreciated.

Question Author
Thanks for removing that answer, ed.

We know he spends 10-12 hours on the internet each day... most of which is spent signing up new usernames to AB.

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Messed Up Laptop. Help Needed!

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