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Broadband Connection

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kenny1234 | 11:40 Sat 22nd Jun 2013 | Technology
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I have recently replaced my tower due to many problems with crashing etc.[I'd had it 5 years!!!] I still kept getting an on screen message with my new processer saying "server not found" or "unable to connect".( in most cases one click on "try again" brought my Homepage up. It was obviously a broadband connection issue, so I contacted Talk Talk who confirmed that a fault was showing up with my modem, and agreed to send me their latest model (f.o.c.).--I am using a wired router incedently--The first time I started up the dreaded message appeared again---when I clicked "try again" no problem. I am now going to try leaving my PC on all the time for a week so that the connection isn't interrupted, as seems to happen if the PC is allowed to go into "sleep" mode or "hibernate". Obviously this is going to use more power.-------Should I be able to let the computer have a rest without the broadband connection being affected?


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Been there done this. Eventually bought a decent (sale) laptop and am now with BT broadband fibre optic. Mega fast, reliable and brilliant. Sorted. Worked for us.
First thoughts are. You say still getting implying it was an issue with your tower also. Which in turn suggests it possibly isn't the computer with the problem.

You have changed the modem and it seems unlikely the new one would coincidently have the same issue as the last. I trust the cables were swopped with the modem so one can hopefully rule that out also.

So that leaves Talk Talk's domain, or possibly the sockets and other connections in your home. I'd check your sockets and stuff first then speak to Talk Talk again once you have decided the sockets and cables inside your home are ok.

I don't tend to have sleeping computers, but I can see no reason why the broadband should fail if you do. It should be ready at any time, that's what you pay for.
I am surprised that switching off the computer is causing a loss of broadband connection.

Is this another Talk Talk issue of which we hear many complaints.?

A thought has just occurred to me. Do you also turn off your router.? If so that could be causing the problem.

I always turn off my computer at night but Never switch off the router. This way there is never a break in the actual Broadband connection; which would need to be re-established if router was de-activated.

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Router has been left on---just been putting PC into "hibernate" mode. However the last 3 days I have been leaving PC on at night and have had no problem at all up to now. At the start of next week I will try going back to "sleep" mode or "hibernate" and see what happens----watch this space
Personally, I would use your PC exactly as if there are no longer any problems. It is natural that you received the dreaded message the first time you 'booted' after changing the router, because your comp had to re-establish the Internet connection; but everything now appears to have corrected, after your having hit 'Try Again'.

I am Not a believer in leaving a PC/Laptop on continuously, no more than I would leave my car's engine in a perpetual state of unrest.

Looking forward to your next up-date.........Al.

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Have set my PC to automatic "sleep" after 10 mins.---which means just a movement of the mouse brings my homepage on. I will leave things like this rather than go to "hibernate" mode overnight. -----one last question:- will there be much difference between sleep/hibernate ??
oh see my post earlier today... this didn't work this morning, and after an hour phone call to them it still didn't.

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Broadband Connection

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