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HFJL2020 | 23:08 Sat 23rd Sep 2023 | Technology
2 Answers

tvprob     turn  on   it  says    on  screen   no  signal     click utube    all  is  ok   but  why  cant  i  get   bc  itv  etc 



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You might have the wrong source selected.  (e.g. you might have your TV set looking for an input from some non-existent external device, rather than from its built-in tuner).

Press the 'Source' button on your remote control.  (It's often marked by a rounded rectangle, with an arrow pointing into it).  You then need to check that 'TV' (or 'DTV' or similar) is selected.  (I suspect that you've got something like 'HDMI1' currently selected).

Also check that the aerial is probably plugged in and that it hasn't been blown off your roof by the wind!

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ta  fo  brill info  i    tried   to  do  what  u  said  but i  failedon  that thanks  again

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