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Hotmail Spam

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Atheist | 11:20 Sun 05th Nov 2023 | Technology
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I have Thunderbird running on a W10 PC, with 5 different e-mails (hotmail,gmail etc). Lately I am receiving 20 or more junk mails on hotmail each day. Hardly any junk on the other accounts. Fortunately, they all go into the junk folder, but it's a nuisance deleting them every day, which I prefer to do rather than leave them piling up. Is there a way to stop this, or is hotmail just not clever enough to prevent them arriving?



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I've had the same Hotmail account for 25 years and rarely get any junk mail.  Any that do get through go to my 'Other' inbox, not the 'Focused' one.   Do you have the same set-up for your Inbox?

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I don't have 'Other' or 'Focused' inboxes. My junk does go into the junk folder, but it annoys me. I used to get the odd junk mail, but for the last month or two it has really increased. gmail has hardly any junk mail getting through.

I wonder if I should log into hot mail on my browser and look at settings there to see if anything can be done.

Thanks for your reply.


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Hotmail Spam

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