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smurfchops | 10:16 Thu 07th Dec 2023 | Technology
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A hypothetical.  If someone goes in a hotel/restaursnt and uses their free WiFi,so they know the connection and passeord...  if they use the hotel uses the same password/connection for their private internet, emails, etc.  could someone  'hack' into their internet?  



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I dont fully understand the question.  Do you mean if you log into their free Wifi then you could have access to the Hotels data?

If so then the answer is not if they have set it up correctly. You will find most hotels have a separate network (you can see it locked on the WiFi list). And if done correctly then they will have whitelists, I have it on my Synology network, no one can get in unless the MAC is approved and even then the numbers on the network are limited. With a half decent router you can isolate and manage a network very well.

Yes but they won't need to bother about all that.

If you mean can someone hack into yours then yes, easily.  Do not use 'free' Wifi unless youn know what you are doing. It's about the only good use of a VPN (apart from accessing porn I suppose).

I never use free wifi - plenty of data on my SIM and it is easy to tether laptop/tablet.

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