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Pc Screen Not Turning Off

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sddsddean | 11:58 Sat 09th Dec 2023 | Technology
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Any ideas why the screen on my PC no longer goes off after 10 mins and the system doesn't 'sleep' after 20mins? I've checked all the settings are correct and looked for any ideas on google/youtube, but everyone just says 'go to the settings page' etc.

If I go to the start menu and in 'power' select 'sleep', it will go to sleep, but I can't think of anything I've done in the last few days that has changed anything. Ideas?




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What os are you using? W11 is a little different to 10 or previous versions. 

However if you go to settings and choose personalisation in the options menu. Then choose Lock Screen you will find the Time out and screen saver settings there. 

Question Author

Sorry, meant to say W10.

Went via Personalisation and same settings are all apparently correct there too.

Try switching off the machine totally and doing a reboot. If you are letting it sleep all the time it may need that and the cache clearing at the same time is a good idea. Some upgrade patches do not finalise without a boot from off. 

Question Author

Seems to have sorted itself out now...most odd!!

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Pc Screen Not Turning Off

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