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internet connection trouble

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Explorer-8 | 22:06 Mon 25th Aug 2008 | Technology
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I have been playing chess on the internet until I got the message "connection to server lost", then I got the message "successfully reconnected" and then "connection to server lost" again.

I looked at my connection status by clicking on "start" and then "connect to" and it said that I was still connected and had been for about 3 hours.

I also got the message "server timeout" and "server is down" along with my chess username on the chess site, but the "start" and "connect to" still showed that I was connected.

What was going on here, do you think?
I do I prevent it from happening?


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just this once - the server could be iffy
is your line noisy with voice?
Question Author
I'm getting no voice noises. What is a server?
Server is ur internet connexion, ISP/BB/wifi

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internet connection trouble

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