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Deleting junk emails

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gardenmad | 11:03 Wed 10th Dec 2008 | Technology
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Is there a quick way of deleting emails that come in by the score?
I generally delete them and then block sender but I would like to be able to highlight a block of them to delete. I am not really as computer literate as I would like to be, sorry.


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I use this, and I would not be without it.

But the free version only works on one email address. If you have multiple addresses you have you use the Pro version which you have to pay for after the initial trial period.
Question Author
Rollo thank you very much, I shall do it straight away! That's one question answered. I fear I have a few more but they can wait...

Thanks again.
I assume your email is web based, if not you can highlight as many as you like by clicking on one, hold down the shift key and clicking on the last one you want to include, you'll find all between the two are then highlighted. Then just right click one of them and delete. they'll all go together
highlighted, is that a word? should it be highlit? I don't know
Scaniavabis. If you don't know why question someone
who evidently does know ?
Question Author
Thankyou Scaniavabis, I thought there was something like that I could do and I am sure there is a word highlighted - I have read in old novels where the heroine has 'lighted the lamps', so obviously she could have highlighted the text if she were not locked in an old fashioned book!

I must get something for this whimsy, it might break out alarmingly over Christmas.

Thanks again.
Scanivabis. Please accept my humblest apologies for my previous post. I should have read that you were questioning
your own posting and use of words. So Sorry.
Highlighted is the correct term.

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Deleting junk emails

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