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junk emails

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snowyball | 12:38 Mon 20th Dec 2010 | Technology
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hi, i have recently been receiving lots of junk emails (mostley vigra, etc type!!!) to my main email address which i use for applying for jobs etc. Although these emails gets filtered to my junk folder, but i want it to be blocked completely.

i use hotmail and use this 'sweep' function where it searches for that particular email and allows me to block it, however i dont think it seems to be working because i keep doing this to the same email address(es) everyday. any reason why they keep appearing? how did i managed to receive these type of emails, as my other account dont receive any of this sort?

could registering to job sites be to blame? its only started in the last month!


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Registering on web sites can certainly get your name added to "spam" mailing lists.

While sites like Amazon, Tesco etc are good at NOT handing out your email address, other sites ARE willing to sell on email addreses, and job sites come under that category.

I think you should have AT LEAST 2 or 3 email address, for different reasons.

Keep one ONLY for family & friends and NEVER give it out to anyone else.

Have another for registering for web sites (maybe more than one).

Another for interent banking and so on.

I have about 6 different email addresses that I use for different things.
Yeah, registering with job sites can be the cause. The same thing happened to me.
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VHG i do have several emails for different reasons, the main one is the one i use for apply for jobs and registering for tv licence etc as it has my prper name.

i have been registered with the same job sites for many years and never had any problems, its only in the last month when im getting loads of junk!!

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