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Outer Hebrides In Scotland Midgies?

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cleoval | 19:21 Tue 15th Dec 2020 | Destinations
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Hi Is it true that the Outer Hebrides the Scottish Islands full of midgies biting all the time as we r thinking of going because I have heard they are beautiful. If it is true, Can you recommend what to use please?


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If you are going this week just wear a nice thick coat and a hat. The midges will definitely leave you alone.
Depends on the weather for midgies.

Not just on the islands!

Never tried it, but Avon Skin So Soft is supposed to be a good midge replellant.
Go between September and May and you should be midge free
No it’s not true, just back and not a midge to be seen
No midges anywhere in December, unless you go 'down under'
cleo; the midgies really are beautiful.
What's the best time for catching crabs down under Barry?
Gotcha ... just in time for Christmas then.
Nothing works 100% unless you include fire, lots of flames shooting out in all directions, that never fails.
Takes the edge off the ambience mind.

And the reserves just hang back waiting for the fuel to run out anyway.
Outer (and Inner) Hebrides are beautiful. No midgies when I was there but was bitten to death in Inverness one summer at a game fair.
Never seen the He brides, but can confirm that the west coast of Scotland has a plentiful supply of midges. I recommend staying in the tent with the flap closed.
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Thanks to everyone for your answers.
Midges are attracted to CO2 try not to breathe out too much.

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Outer Hebrides In Scotland Midgies?

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