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Suggestions Please For Holiday Abroad

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ilovemarkb | 21:11 Tue 25th Jul 2017 | Travel
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Any tips please for holiday abroad from uk
Ideally a short flight to somewhere abroad hotish in june for 5 ladies celebrating their 50th birthday. LIVELY BUT NOT BENIDORM


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Would be The Algarve for me...... if that's lively enough for you....:-)
City break- Lisbon is lovely; as is Madrid . Barcelona has a beach too. Italy, Cyprus - so many lovely holiday resorts
Barcelona for a city (with beaches near), Algarve for sunshine and sangria.

Cheap flights (to Barcelone El Prat, Girona and Reus) from all over the UK.
Great beaches.
Fantastic bars, restaurants and night-life.
A cheap, fully-integrated public transport system.
Culture by the bucket-load.
Sun, sun, sun!

Whatever you want, Barcelona's got it!
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Malaga is brilliant. By the sea, loads of great bars and restaurants, a historic centre (and its very own Benidorm, Torremolinos).
Malta would suit your requirements.
We have just booked Barsa ourself, either that or Tenerife Ilove.
Went to Torremolinos last year and these days it is nothing like Benidorm. Majority of visitors are Spanish and very few English or Irish bars around. For a short flight then Mallorca may suit with many places to visit and and many different types of night life not just the Magaluf type.
Just loved Malta and the people are so friendly.I remember asking a policeman how long it would take to walk to the blue grotto, he said "about 10mins or take you all day if you walk like my grandmother walks" :0)
Minorca is lovely.

I'm always puzzled when I read good things about Malta. When I went there, everyone was extremely unfriendly and not good at their jobs of serving people with food and drink. I vowed never to go there again.
I loved Malta. Public transport is very good and cheap.

I was in the Algarve in May/June. It's lovely but if anyone has mobility issue you'll have to research your hotels because it is very hilly and lots of steps.
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Cyprus would be ideal. Lovely resorts, most people speak English and, if you decide to hire a car, they drive on the same side of the road as we do.

Paphos is particularly nice in June. Lots to see within walking distance of most hotels.
Please don't choose Malta, may be a nice place but the fewer tourists who visit the sooner they'll change their sickening love of killing birds for fun.... :-(

Lots of other nice places.....x
While we can all suggest our favourite places you really need to give some more detail. Do you need beaches, what do you mean by lively, what do you want to spend your days and evenings doing, is sightseeing, country walking, architecture a requirement?
Gness...don't they do that here as well?
Madrid or Prague are both lovely. The 'in' place at the moment seems to be Cavtat in Croatia stunningly beautiful, next place on my agenda
They do it in Cyprus (a lot) and France and Italy...

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Suggestions Please For Holiday Abroad

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