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Osteoarthritis knee.

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furrypusscat | 18:20 Tue 04th Sep 2012 | Health & Fitness
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9 years ago I had an arthroscopy on right knee. Consultant described the problem as OA, I believe he referred to as Grade 3. He wanted to keep me on his books and see me again in 12 months saying that there were other treatments apart from joint replacement available but I had already moved from Derbyshire to Lincolnshire so I asked if he could send report to my GP. Recently I have had more pain, and occasional knee locking. GP sent me for Xray, the result supposedly being 'minimal degeneration' which suggests conflicting evidence. When I suggested this and asked why a consultant would say that the back of the knee was almost bone to bone, I was told I should ask the consultant. (not very helpful) GP has not offered to look back on the written records. I know the date of op so why didn't he offer to look. He gave me hospital physio phone number to self refer saying that I don't need to see a consultant. I also have OA in the hips and don't know whether hip pain could be causing knee pain or vice versa. Any advice, should I ask him to look back at the report. I am wondering if this is more to do with money saving. Sorry for long post.


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9years ago....arthroscopy showed Grade 3 have done well for a long period of time.

Now further problems with the same knee with "locking".......X-Ray shows "minimal" degeneration.

What is the truth and what is the cause of the "locking?" advanced OA. loose cartilage or both?

Yes, OA of the hip CAN cause knee pain, but NOT "locking".

My advice is to return to the GP and insist on seeing an Orthopaedic surgeon as you will almost certainly require another knee arthroscopy.

Good luck
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Hi Sqad, When I saw GP, I asked if it was time I saw Consultant, that was when he said, 'pretend I'm the consultant, the first thing he will do is xray knee, so I will send you for xray, then we can discuss treatment'. I returned to GP 10 days later, no results. I went back again 2 weeks after Xray, still no results from hospital. Receptionist phoned 3 times for results to be faxed whilst I waited. An hour passed before it was suggested I make another appointment. GP phoned later in the day with results. (Tuesday after BH) I still needed to discuss treatment and went yesterday, basically to be 'written off'. I feel so annoyed at how I have been treated and still believe this is down to money.
That is a totally unacceptable standard of health care.....totally.

Insist that you see a Consultant.
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Thanks sqad for your advice. I am still relatively young (61) for joint replacement and do not want to go down that road anyway but as the consultant said, there are obviously other treatments available. I just feel now that the GP will think I am exagerating the problem. It is obvious he doesn't intend me being referred.
furry.....don't think in terms of joint replacement, as it could be due to something else.....loose body....cartilage tear and only an arthroscopy can differentaite.
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Thanks once again. I will make another appointment. Will update when anything to report.

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Osteoarthritis knee.

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