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HFJL2020 | 21:31 Tue 29th Aug 2023 | Body & Soul
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if one has a large prostate what s the future for it


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maybe not too bad, but do see a doctor
If the symptoms aren't too severe, and a blood test shows a low PSA score (see below), you might just be advised to make lifestyle changes and/or to take certain medicines. (See Jno's link).

If the symptoms are more severe (or lifestyle changes and/or medicines don't help) you might need to undergo a 'TURP' operation. (I've had one. It's really simple, done while you're fully conscious and only involves a two night hospital stay).

However your GP (and/or hospital consultant) will want to know whether the enlargement is benign or cancerous. The only certain way to tell is through a cell biopsy (which would be done alongside a TURP op anyway) but a PSA blood test can be a reasonably good indicator.

A 'normal' PSA score for man under 50 is below 3, whereas for a man over 50 it can be as high as 5. If it's a bit higher (say 10) it might suggest that cancer is present but it's by no means certain. (Certain diets or activities, such as recent masturbation, can push one's PSA score up naturally). However if it's really high (say 100) then there's a very good chance that cancer is present. (Mine was 135).

If the enlargement is benign then, as above, lifestyle changes, medicines or possibly a TURP op will come into play.

If the enlargement is cancerous, the treatment will depend upon how advanced it is. If it's not progressed beyond your prostate, then a policy of simply 'wait and see' might be employed in the first instance. Otherwise removal of the prostate (which is done by a robot and only involves a one night stay in hospital) could be considered or possibly a course of chemotherapy.

If cancer is present which has spread beyond the prostate, then hormone therapy, accompanied by chemotherapy and then radiotherapy, is likely to be used.

My mate had an enlarged prostate. He had a TURP op, with the biopsy of the removed tissue showing that he hadn't got cancer, so he was given the 'all clear'.

I had an enlarged prostate, with the tissue biopsy (and subsequent MRI and CT scans) showing that I'd got prostate cancer which had spread to my lymph nodes and bones. I've been on hormone therapy ever since but I've also had 10 sessions of maximum-dose chemotherapy and 37 sessions of radiotherapy. I'm still here though!

So how things might go for you will depend upon many factors but with the most important one being whether the enlargement is found to be benign (like my mate's) or cancerous (like mine).
I've got a large prostate and much higher PSA than I should have.
I don't have cancer and the need to wee frequently is helped by the drugs I take every day.
No pain, no feeling ill or off.
All's good
OH's over-large prostate was 'resectioned' over 10 yrs. ago. No real discomfort, he says, and a 2 night stay in hospital. A check up about 6mths later and all well - not thought about it since. So please do get it checked.
Excellent post from Chris .
Coincidence. I was sent today, by a vascular consultant, for a blood test concerning other matters but, for good measure, he asked for a PSA check as well which I thought made sense.

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