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Have You Ever Experienced The Same.

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nicebloke1 | 21:04 Tue 03rd Oct 2023 | Body & Soul
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Over the years I've found that people can get very envious and jealous just because they find me intelligent. Some people would think it only happens to the rich and famous, but I've found thats not always the case. 



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//This one is a classic: X³-X²=100//

OK X=5, why's that a classic TTT.... cant be measure of intelligence if i can do it

Et Tu ZM? I listed you as one of my AB dinner guests on nailedit's thread! I knew the AB contrarians wouldn't let me down! Have you had a go at 21:07/18?

TORATORATORA, are you not going to ask a parsec-related question?

21:34, it's deliberately obvious so you can generate a general answer, apologies I assumed it was clear that the method was what was important. But even now writing this I remember other threads of ignorance when I have asked other questions, the standard reply....err well I just ask google etc, so please forgive me.

Sorry, Tora, it was a cheap shot. Thanks for the dinner guest invite. 
Being totally honest, despite all our differences in here, I'd really like to go for a pint with you. Honestly. 

ZM you are on!

//envious and jealous just because they find me intelligent//

I have to live with this everday on AB.

We all have a thorn in our side eh?

The MG won't make it down there. Might have to take the MX5 on a road trip, Tora 😜

MX5, good choice, MK1 is the best one, great little jam jar.

I've got an ND (2.0 Nav). 8 yrs old but only 30k. A little retirement treat. 

I can't justify it of course I already have 2 cars and 3 bikes but I've got my eye on an F-Type Jaaaag!

From that  choice it appears TTT, has something to be modest about.   At least it isn't a restored E type



 Of course it is not the case. Intelligence is in people of all walks of life. I am not very intelligent but jealousy and envy would make me feel proud.

to be honest, the vast majority just dont realise how bright I am....

"The problem with the world is that the AB intelligent people are full of doubts and the AB stupid ones are full of confidence" --

a modified quote from one Charles Bukowski

41 to 55 of 55rss feed

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