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When Feeling Down.

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piggynose | 22:15 Sun 05th Nov 2023 | Body & Soul
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Watch this 

Isn't she amazing ?




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I found I smiled throughout that video, piggy, thanks for posting. Just thinking how good it would be if she posted on AB, give a good few of us something to think about I reckon. Cannot imagine she would have a negative thought about anything.

Her feet have become her hands - quite amazing.  Have seen some good pictures painted by people using their feet.

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Yes an amazing woman!

Fantastic.  I knew Marilyn Gillies from Dundee who was born without arms. She became a typist with NCR, drove an adapted car and married.  You can read about her - just google her name.

It's just amazing how some won't let a physical handicap limit their lives.

An amazing lady. 

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Thanx maggiebee

Will check her out! 

Wow, that's truly amazing (and somewhat humbling).  

Thanks piggynose for such a poignant yet uplifying glimpse at how "another half"  lives.  A wonderful woman  indeed.

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When Feeling Down.

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