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What do experts think about the the Schwarzbein Principle diet system

asks aadenny: A. The Schwarzbein Principle is based on the work of Dr Diana Schwarzbein, a Californian endocrinologist. She was seeing people who suffered from type II diabetes, or late onset01:00 Mon 11th Feb 2002

Is it best to be honest or tell white lies in a relationship

asks Ursula:A. Good question. Everybody wants their partner to be honest with them, but do we really want to know the truth Reader's Digest carried out a MORI poll on honesty in marriage in the UK,01:00 Mon 04th Feb 2002

I just can't get motivated to exercise. Can anyone help

asks HGray:A. For a start, regular exercise: reduces stress improves the condition of your heart helps keep your weight down reduces your risk of strokes, diabetes and some cancers lowers your blood01:00 Mon 04th Feb 2002

Can anyone suggest natural ways to deal with depression

asks archiemac:A. There's more demand than ever for natural ways to deal with depression now that the 'safer' antidepressants have been shown to have strong side-effects and cause dependency. And01:00 Mon 04th Feb 2002

Seroxat - has anybody experienced crazy side affects with this Prozac-type drug

asks Julia: A. Seroxat is a type of anti-depressant called SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors), as is Prozac. SSRIs were brought out as an alternative to tranquillisers such as Valium,01:00 Mon 28th Jan 2002

What can be done to prevent or stop teeth grinding during sleep

asks meandyou:A. Grating, grinding or clenching your teeth is called bruxism. Millions of adults and children do it. Most aren't even aware that they do it because it happens at night while they01:00 Mon 28th Jan 2002

Why do my gums bleed when I brush my teeth

asks Ursula:A. There are a few reasons why your gums may bleed - because you haven't been cleaning your teeth properly and the plaque has built up, or it can be a sign of gum disease or infection. 01:00 Mon 28th Jan 2002

Is there any danger in having your navel or nipple pierced

asks Modge:A. Yes, there is, according to a recent survey of 454 students at the Pace University in New York, where there is high percentage of students with body piercings. Researchers found that 17%01:00 Mon 21st Jan 2002

Is it true that eating soya can protect against cancer

asks admason:A. Possibly. Soya is a good source of a type of phyto-oestrogens called isoflavones. According to the British Nutrition Foundation, some studies show that the type of isoflavones found in01:00 Mon 21st Jan 2002

When did hair perming start

asks sporty: A. According to Kay Connelly, L'Oreal's product development manager, perming (and straightening hair) goes back to the Egyptians, who would their hair on sticks coated in mud and let it01:00 Mon 21st Jan 2002

Is there proof that homeopathy works

asks Jaysway:A. Recently, a chance scientific discovery has given conventional science an indication of how homeopathy might work - and has shaken up a few scientists, too! Q. What was it A. A team01:00 Mon 14th Jan 2002

Carl Rogers - what are the concepts of the self about

asks natasha: A. Carl Rogers (1902-1987) is known as the 'father of person-centred therapy'. This is where the counsellor reflects his client's responses back to him or her to set up an atmosphere of01:00 Mon 14th Jan 2002

Is there any disadvantage to being an older parent

asks mayastar:A. Whatever the disadvantages may be, you won't be on your own. According to the Office of National Statistics, over the past 20 years women have been having babies later. And in the01:00 Thu 14th Feb 2002

Why do I get cold sores

asks tonyb:A. If you get cold sores, it means you have been infected by the herpes simplex virus. Once the virus is present - usually on the lips or the skin around the mouth and nose - you've got it01:00 Mon 07th Jan 2002

What causes mouth ulcers I seem to get loads of them in winter

asks PDTV: A. Mouth ulcers are tiny but very painful ulcerations. They are a yellowy colour with a red halo, usually about 2mm wide - although they can grow much bigger. You get them inside your mouth01:00 Mon 07th Jan 2002

I have an embarrassing problem - an itchy bottom. Can you tell me how to get rid of it Please help

asks Jarnold:A. Don't worry - you're not alone. This itchiness - the medical term is pruritus ani - is common. It's estimated that everyone will have an itchy bottom at some time or another. Most01:00 Mon 07th Jan 2002

Is there any evidence for the existence of the star which signified Christ's birth

asks Woolley: A. Many experts think that the star was something spectacular, such as supernova or a comet. However, one American astronomer, Michael Molnar, believes the light in the sky was due to an01:00 Mon 24th Dec 2001

I sweat excessively in bed, usually in a cool ventilated bedroom, heavy or light bedclothes make no difference, this also occurs when I sleep anywhere else in other rooms and beds. Why

asks barrypr: A. Sweating is a natural function of your body and is necessary to regulate your body temperature. You have five million sweat glands on your body - two-thirds of those are on your01:00 Mon 31st Dec 2001

Are there any proven cures for a hangover

asks MissDon: A. People swear by strange concoctions containing things like egg whites or Irn Bru, but what seems to be a miracle cure for some people won't have any effect at all on others. Q. What01:00 Mon 24th Dec 2001

What's the point of ear wax

asks tonyb:A. Ear wax, known medically as cerumen, is a yellow or brown substance secreted by small glands under the skin of the outer part of the ear canal. Q. What's it for A. It's a sticky01:00 Mon 24th Dec 2001

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