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Why do we laugh

asks johnjo:A. Laughing is not something you decide to do - it just happens unconsciously (try to laugh now and see how difficult it is to do it on demand). Q. What makes us laugh A. It's not known01:00 Mon 05th Nov 2001

Do I need to take folic acid if I'm planning to become pregnant

asks sporty:A. Yes, you do. It is well known that an adequate supply of folic acid reduces the risk of some birth defects by up to 75%. You should ensure you're getting enough folic acid in your diet01:00 Mon 05th Nov 2001

Is there a natural way of preventing and helping asthma

asks kjring:A. Asthma is a condition which affects the bronchial tubes leading to the lungs. Symptoms include coughing, wheezing and being short of breath. It is often triggered by infections, such as01:00 Mon 05th Nov 2001

I read that nettles have lots of health benefits - what are they and how do you take the nettles

asks johnjo:A. Nettles have been eaten and nettle tea drunk for centuries. Nettles contain good amounts of vitamin C and A, as well as iron, potassium and silica. Q. What can nettles do for me A.01:00 Mon 29th Oct 2001

What's the best way to say you're sorry

asks PDTV: A. If you're dealing with a friend, the best thing to do is simply say you're sorry - just don't make it conditional. Q. What do you mean - conditional A. Just apologise for whatever it01:00 Mon 29th Oct 2001

How do you know if you've Lyme disease

asks rtell:A. Lyme disease is caused by a bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi. The infection is transmitted to humans by the bite of a tick that usually lives on deer and sometimes dogs. If you are01:00 Mon 29th Oct 2001

Is it more beneficial to eat garlic or take a garlic supplement to prevent colds

asks Modge:A. Garlic's great stuff - it has antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. It also contains vitamin C and E, thiamine, potassium, calcium, cobalt, sulphur and zinc, and is a01:00 Mon 22nd Oct 2001

What's the difference between sleep apnoea and plain old snoring How do I know which I've got

asks Sporty A. Snoring is the noise caused by the vibration of the back of the throat - see the article about Snoring on Answerbank for more information. Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is more01:00 Mon 22nd Oct 2001

I recently gave up smoking and have found (not through overeating) that I have put on more than half a stone. Can anyone tell me why and how do I lose it

asks Stephanie: A. There are a few reasons why you can put weight on after you stop smoking. For a start, nicotine has the ability to take the edge off your appetite - smokers tend to have a cigarette01:00 Mon 22nd Oct 2001

Does Jennifer Aniston's 'high protein, low carb' diet really work

asks sportyA. You're talking about Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution, which has also been used by Geri Halliwell, Renee Zellweger and Minnie Driver. It's claimed that you can lose weight if you eat a very01:00 Mon 15th Oct 2001

I get a lot of headaches and use paracetamol - can I overdose by taking it a lot

asks sporty:A. If taken properly, paracetamol is not toxic and side effects are extremely rare. There is no evidence to show that taking paracetamol for long periods causes any liver damage, and you01:00 Mon 15th Oct 2001

Some quick questions

How many did you get right Q. True or False: there are over 200 bones in the human body A. It is true. Q. How many different tastes can your tongue distinguish A. Five: sweet, salt, sour,01:00 Wed 10th Oct 2001

Do identical twins have identical fingerprints

asks ChopperA. No, they don't. Fingerprints are unique to every person - no two individuals have the same fingerprints, palm prints or footprints. These areas of the body are covered in tiny ridges01:00 Mon 15th Oct 2001

Who is entitled to a flu jab

asks Modge: A. This winter, it's predicted that a particularly virulent strain of flu will hit the UK. It's similar to the 'Sydney' strain which hit two years ago and killed more than 20,000 people01:00 Mon 08th Oct 2001

What exactly is t'ai chi

asks pathfinderA. T'ai chi (or t'ai chi ch'uan) is a type of martial art which uses breathing techniques and a slow-moving, graceful sequence of dance-like movements and postures (called the form).01:00 Mon 08th Oct 2001

Is there such a thing as the male menopause

asks johnjo: A. The jury's still out on that one. Why Do you think you may be going through one Well, you know... A touch of the old mid-life crisis... That's what they used to call the assortment01:00 Mon 08th Oct 2001

Could I get rid of my wrinkles with Botox injections

A. Well, they're used by 4,000 British women each month - including Patsy Kensit and Bonnie Tyler - so presumably there's something in it. Q. How does it work A. Botox is a purified protein toxin,01:00 Mon 01st Oct 2001

What is the supplement Garum Armoricum and where can I get it

asks Pathfinder: A. As its name suggests, this supplement is an elixir used in Roman times. However, it originated with the druids in Armorica (ancient Brittany). Q. What is it made of A. The guts01:00 Mon 01st Oct 2001

Would inhaling pure oxygen from a canister help me study for exams

asks Adryley:A. In the heavy pollution of Los Angeles and cities of the Far East, oxygen bars are popular. They're harder to find in the UK, but you can buy pure oxygen in canisters - you get about01:00 Mon 01st Oct 2001

I think I might be suffering from seasonal affective disorder - is there anything I can do

asks admason:A. Seasonal affective disorder - or SAD - affects around one person in five in the UK as the evenings grow shorter. It can range from a mild 'winter blues' to a seriously disabling01:00 Mon 24th Sep 2001

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