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How Do I Tell My Mum This?

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abbeylee90 | 19:21 Tue 27th Feb 2024 | Family & Relationships
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Just I can't afford to pay back what I owe so what do I do and how I do tell her?


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So do you pretend to go out to work on Thursdays and Fridays and come back late afternoon?

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Go to dogs home or look around. My friend she don't that for abit when she walked out of her job.

Abbey, not telling your mum - about the rubbish jobs, the cut in hours, the part-time stuff in the laundry - hasn't worked out well,  has it? I'm sure many ABers tried to steer you towards seeking help last year and you were quite dismissive or ignored that. 

Chris, I might be wrong, but I think Abbey lives in Wales. perhaps someone can confirm/deny this.

Do you ever do anything together with your mum and dad?

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No none of that so that why I don't know what to tell her about care home. That why I'm thinking councilling now.

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Andre's yes

She does, Barsel.

19.22 Yes, Barsel - think in Cardiff though not positive about that.

I find it difficult to believe, Abbey, that your mother and father are not aware of your comings and goings!

Thanks for reminding me, Barsel, that Abbey lives in Wales.

This might be a better link than the one above then:

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Hazinly maybe suspicious 

Abbey how would you feel if you had a husband/boyfriend who was keeping these type of secrets from you? Would you not be more upset about the actual lying than the actions that have been going on?

With your autistic traits I can't imagine you are very good at lying - just as my own 2 sons are not. It is always the lyingvthat is more upsetting than whatever they were trying to cover up.

Abbey, counselling is seldom a quick fix - and there are, understandably, long waiting lists in some parts of the country. There's nothing to stop you sitting down and having a good heart-to-heart with your mum,  a close friend, anyone who could provide some support, some suggestions. 

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I haven't got a boyfriend so doubt it the same as lying to your mum

When you were messaging the last guy and you thought he was off with you or making up excuses to you, you got frustrated and wished he would just have been honest with you.

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He said he only just decided to go travelling

I rarely contribute to your posts but, you should introduce your mother to AB and give her your username.  It's very unfair that so many strangers know and contribute to your lifelong decisions. 
She's your mother .

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Anne I really do understand and I feel bad but don't want to fall out with while we're getting on

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