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Which Do I Do?

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abbeylee90 | 07:22 Sun 03rd Mar 2024 | Family & Relationships
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When I go out with my friends do I do something  with all my friends together or separately?



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I didn't know to bring it up as I don't have an official thread 

So either forget that and focus on this topic of socialising, or start a separate one about driving lessons

Abbey, if you're starting a new topic - My worries about my driving lessons - just start a new thread. You have got stuff about your missed lesson on about three or four threads now! It certainly doesn't fit in to the threads about not telling your mum stuff, nor the one about your not so nice pal, nor the one about never getting a boyfriend...

As has been pointed out, Abbey, it is a bit confusing having so many threads running at the same time.  Why don't you post one at a time, read the comments and then tell us what you have decided before moving on to the next topic?

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