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The Final - Great British Bake Off

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AB Editor | 11:47 Tue 22nd Oct 2013 | Food & Drink
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Well, here we are at the final. And are we surprised at who is still in?

The papers are rife with rumours and hints this morning, so who will it be?

Ruby - the youngster but still unarguably talented

Kimberly - steadily high consistancy and not afraid to flavour

Frances - possibly the most creative baker ever in the series, but seemingly trouble with her "substance"

Let us know what you think.

GBBO - The Final

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Who will be the winner of the Great British Bake-Off?

  • Kimberly - 18 votes
  • 45%
  • Ruby - 13 votes
  • 33%
  • Frances - 9 votes
  • 23%

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Kimberley has been consistently good throughout the whole series.

Frances has been consistently creative. problem with Ruby is that there have been a couple of occasions where she could easily have been booted off.

The winner should be someone who has demonstrated consistency - and Ruby hasn't.

However...she really is...stunning.

There...I've said it.

I've got a weird crush on Ruby.
Lol! And there you have it, she's even turned the head of a gay man ;)

She's an absolute shoe-in to win.
well you cant argue that, she won the pie round hands down
That pie was fantastic! Streaks ahead of the others.

The pretzel challenge is looking interesting!
Oh Ruby, what's going on with those colours???
Looks like Ruby's out!
What The Funicular????????
Well, that was a bit unexpected!

I do like Frances and her wedding cake was lovely, the nicest looking I thought but skill wise, I think they went for someone who has more listened and learnt and improved though I thought the other two had the edge.

Ahh Ruby got a first :)
What The Funicular
I think she deserved that, both the others had a disaster tonight and she didn't.
Hoped it would be Kimberly but quite happy with Frances.
My oh My we Abers are not very good at predicting winners Frances only received 9% in the poll?
Well Ab Editor - what did I say earlier? After you said Frances didn't have a chance?
//You MAY be surprised Ed, Frances is very creative in design and I read that the final showstopper is a Wedding cake, can't wait to see what decoration she comes up with.//
LOL :)
PS she comes from Leicestershire - so well done our County! Hurray!
I see Blanc got it wrong then, well, that he actually didn't know! I googled to see who he had said just now as didn't want to know before in case it spoilt it!

I thought Kimberley and Frances were older than they are (no offence to them at all!), thought they were older than me. So not as much of an age gap as I'd thought. Still 9/10 years mind.
Well done Frances, though I must admit my money was on the whiney one
So Raymond Blanc just said that to wind people up! He didn't really give the game away but inferred it was Ruby!
Yes - very well done Frances, I loved all her beautiful decorations. Perhaps now she could have her own column in the Leicester Mercury? ;)
I didn't come near this thread earlier for fear of a spoiler, but I thought it was the closest possible final and my choice was Francis. Although none of them deserved to lose really.
IMO if it was called Great British bake-off surely the emphasis should be on baking competency of baking and taste texture etc not so much on presentation although this is visually important,it should as name describes about baking preparation,skills and taste.
I actually said 'feck off' rather loudly when that result was announced! Did not see that coming.

I don't think Frances deserved to win today based on her overall performance although had this been just a normal episode then for sure she would have been star baker - I actually think Ruby has demonstrated more consistency throughout the series than Frances. I do feel disappointed for Kimberly, I still feel that her consistency throughout the series is far higher than both Ruby and Frances.

Oh well, roll on next year! :c)

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The Final - Great British Bake Off

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