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What Does Haggis Taste Like?

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sandyRoe | 12:32 Sat 27th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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I see Sainsburys are selling them.  I'd guess they've a spicy, peppery, taste.



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It's offaly good 😋
12:55 Sat 27th Jan 2024

They're nice. If you don't like the sound of what's in them you can get vegetarian ones which in my experience don't taste alot different to the offal ones.

^^ I once bought a vegetarian haggis by mistake and thought it was nicer than the offal one.

Douglas, growing up a friend's mum cooked tripe regularly. Never liked the look of it at all. Workmate used to rave about black, white and honeycomb trips but that still did not tempt me. 

They taste wonderful. Give yourself a treat and try one.

Someone mentioned trotters. I recall my father brought some back (a long time ago) for us to try. They tasted fine but was so much work trying to get to the sparse meaty bits it wasn't something I wanted to try again.

Pasta, pickled pigs feet are eaten a lot in Russia.  Mother in law used to pickle them.  Mr loves them!!  I wouldn't try them.  But I did enjoy the scrumptious faggots we used to get straight from the oven from a Butcher way back in time.  And as a child I liked stuffed hearts, but not liver.  I used to make chicken liver pate.  I've gone off offal now.  But I've also gone off meat!  

Moorea, I can't stand the cruelty involved in shooting vegetables.

We used to have trotters every Friday night when I were a lad, we all enjoyed them.  The only offal I can't eat is tripe but the rest of the family does, cooked in milk.

My very favourite offal is chitterlings which I buy whenever I see them - only if they're pressed though, not loose.  We often have pressed tongue but don't cook it ourselves.  I've just realised it is many years since I had pig tails.


did you get rid of the mullet at the same time, barry?

Love Haggis and Black Pudding together on a roll or Haggis in a Baked Potato.


I love trotters too!!! 

Question Author

I tried some the other day.  While it seemed slightly peppery I think it could do with more spices.

Had it with boiled potatoes and carrots.  It's not something I'd want to try again.

You need to have it with mash and swede, Sandy!  Depends which make it is, some are better than others.

Sandy, buy one from a butcher, not a supermarket. Serve with mashed tatties and neeps.  Delicious.

These foodstuffs were the sort of food my Mother would buy back in the day, and I thought she bought it 'cos we were poor and couldn't afford proper food.

Never ate it then and have never wanted to eat any of it since.

My Dad and brother used to eat dripping on toast with plenty of salt on it. Not for me I'm afraid. I preferred tinned spaghetti on my toast and my Dad would say, ' I don't know how you can eat that, it looks like worms!'

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What Does Haggis Taste Like?

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