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What New Curtains To Buy?

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NoseyNose | 23:58 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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Hello there people,

I am moving into my new(Sheltered Housing) flat on March 15th.

As I value the opinions of all ABer's,I am posting links to Dunelm curtains.They are all Blackout Curtains.

Please let me know which you like best?

The walls are a soft magnolia (boring,but I don't intend to change them),so any colour of curtains would go with that.

Let me know what you think?
Many Thanks Gordon.



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I too am amazed at the difference in you Gordon, since you first joined us here, and I hope we all played a part in your transformation.When you first introduced yourself, you were so depressed because you had lost your partner after all those years and look at you now.Moving to a new property, choosing furnishings, and making new friends on here. You have done...
22:54 Fri 01st Mar 2024
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Not at all Barsel, I value all opinions,whatever they are!

Didn't you say originally that you liked these? They would be nice and light for the summer.

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I do like ditsy,but I am not sure HOW blackout they would be(I have no experience of blackout curtains) as they are a quite pale colour.

I like patterns all mixed together and mixed colours.  I don't match anything!!  I'm a bit like that with clothes too.  

Eyelet curtains are never fully blackout as the morning light comes through the tops of the curtains.

Are they for your bedroom?

It is the lining of the curtain that is the "blackout" so if this is good quality the colour of the curtain should not matter

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Thank You for that info.


The curtain pole is set quite high(above the top of the bedroom window) so the light may not get in much?

Lottie, I'm the complete opposite. 

My youngest daughter is the most colourful person I know, so she doesn't get that from me. Even her chairs and sofa are completely different to each other. Bright rugs and cushions that don't match anything. Not my thing at all.

Gordon, I don't mind the light showing as I realise it must be time to get up.😎

I like the last ones and least like the first ones. 

Be bright and cheerful in your choice, I'm a strong believer in it assisting our mood and outlook if we have colouful surroundings. 

Barsel.  I'm just like your daughter!

And Maydup!

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So that's a sort of curtain alarm clock? LOL

And I'm untidy!

What about these Gordon?

They come in blue or grey and they have matching duvet covers.

I much prefer all the dark patterned ones. Saying curtains are all light because there's either deep toned walls...or lots of colour and pattern.

I'm also messy.😉 Here's a corner...

That's very me Pasta!

Love, love the third pair. 

I do too Rocky.  In fact I would buy them and proceed to redecorate a whole room based around those curtains.  

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What New Curtains To Buy?

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