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Condenser tumble dryers

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loggy01 | 12:48 Wed 08th Mar 2006 | Home & Garden
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Do the condenser dryer dry the washing as well as vented dryers?


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After more than 20 years of vented tumble driers I bought my first condensor model 10 months ago.

It is superb. If I set it to dry to 'cupboard dry' (the driest setting) it comes out perfectly dry throughout the load, without feeling hot. It works perfectly well on all heat settings.

It doesn't take any longer - in fact it is probably more efficient because it turns itself off when it has detected the clothes are dry.
I don't have to guestimate how long it will take.

Strangely there is a lot less fluff in the filters.
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Thanks for your answer. I have just bought the John Lewis condenser dryer and it does seem to take a lot longer to dry the clothes. I wonder whether to change it for a vented one. John Lewis will kindly take back. I am now very confused.
If you are not happy and Lewis's are prepared to replace it - go with your gut instinct.

You will probably find that the vented dryer has a more efficient energy rating than the condensor, if that's important to you.

Good luck with it all. There is nothing worse that making a decision on a purchase, and then regretting it.

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Condenser tumble dryers

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