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Why Does This Have To Be Me?

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abbeylee90 | 04:00 Mon 04th Mar 2024 | How it Works
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I got a job I don't enjoy with not enough hours, no car, no boyfriend and no house. I thought I'd have alot more going for me I did years so feel like I did something and being punished 



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Don't be discouraged, life will get better and better
04:10 Fri 08th Mar 2024

Do you have a job or do you flit between jobs?

//no car, no boyfriend, no house//

I wonder why after reading all your posts

" Oh, I'm so hard done by even though I put no effort into anything"

The world doesn't owe you anything Abbey, you need to create your own future.

Then you can enjoy it!!

At least you are not living in Gaza

Well said 1ozzy

Abbey is so focused on herself she may not understand the Gaza point  Abbey needs medical psychiatric help now.  Asking the same questions time and time again and  ignoring ( or not being able to process responses) shows she needs to be asking for help from her mum and doctor now. Immediately. 


Question Author

No I don't get the gazz point. 

I am trying 

-- answer removed --

Abbey, I don't think you're 'being punished', but I do think you are reaping what you sow. You spent most of 2023 in one rubbishy job or another and ignored lots of helpful, useful advice on AB on how you could improve your lot, your life. You were miserable in your work, struggled with money and  hid many things from your mum - this wasn't going to make you a happy, rounded person with lots going for them! 

Can I suggest that you take time away from the internet & concentrate on more important things?

It has to be you to ensure the survival of Answerbank.

I can see the plan backfiring though.

Question Author

That's how you find a job nowadays now on Internet.

Still haven't heard from my instructor 

Try going into places to see if they have any jobs - restaurants, pubs, shops, cafes - its how many of us used to find jobs when we were looking.  

Abbey please try to keep your posts to one subject and possibly not lots of subjects just about you every day.  And can you try to join in on other threads on AB


Ladybirder.  I think it would be good fora Abbey to join in on other subjects.  

I think you might well be right CL.  For Abbey.

My poor attempt at humour.

Carry on posting as you wish, abbey.  There's no requirement for you to post elsewhere if you don't want to.

Abbey, have you sat your mum and dad down & tol d them just how unhappy you really are?? 

Well for a start Abbey you seem to be spending an awful lot of time on AB. You started out at 6a.m. yesterday and spent most of the day on here. Today your back again at 3 a.m ! When do you sleep? You need to get out and meet more people,chat and relax. Stop worrying and get some sleep.

this and the post you made the other day "why might this be happening to me" makes it sound like people are just passive receipients of what happens, but that's not true.  You either have to make things happen for yourself, or chose your own response to the things you cant control.

At a basic level the answer to your question is "why not?"  All sorts of crap happens all the time to people but they dont just wallow, they change things, or change how they feel about things

Abbey, the sooner you seek help, the better.

You're not happy with your life and yet you don't seem able to do anything about it which to me sounds like you need professional help.

I'm going to suggest something but it's up to you if you do it.

Go and see your GP and ask if you can have face-to-face counselling.

I know you have a phone call tomorrow, but I think it would benefit you more to see someone in person. 

You have problems, and you know you have problems, seek professional help instead of asking these questions here, which can only be answered by people who don't know you and are probably not medically trained to help you.

I don't know what the situation is like where you live to seek help, but please go to your GP and find out.

Good luck.





Barsel, Abbey has been given that advice so many times...I fear she never has acted on it, and will continue not to. I feel bad for her sometimes. 

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