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Clarkson's Farm

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dave50 | 16:39 Mon 13th Feb 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Just watched the second series. Very funny and entertaining, well worth watching. It also shows the endless red tape farmers have to navigate and how local authorities have no common sense and are run by power mad jumped up little hitlers.


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My niece's husband is an arable farmer and he loves this show. Red tape is an understatement!
Watched the first one last night. Funny and entertaining with Kaleb still bossing Jezza about, pity if they cancel a third series
I like it, I never liked Clarkson until he hosted Who.... Millionaire but I think he is excellent in that role and I enjoyed the first series of his farm
I haven't started to watch this series yet.

My father (a retired arable farmer) waivers between shouting exasperation at JC's complete lack of ability and praise for the fact that he highlights just how tough farming is and how farmers are completely at the mercy of the weather.

I do think the first series did more for highlighting the issues of farming then Countryfile or the like ever did.

As a farmer's daughter, I have been at the sharp end of comments about farmers all my life. Thankfully I have an "I'm ignoring you because you are an idiot with no idea" button, so I really like this program for redressing a little bit of balance.
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Why would they cancel it just because he insulted meghan markle? Ridiculous.
I binge watched it as well. Loved it. Not often I laugh out loud (with Jeremy Clarkson).
I have watched four episodes and it is as good as the first series. It just goes to show how perilous a farmers life is.

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Clarkson's Farm

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