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After The Flood

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barry1010 | 09:15 Wed 24th Jan 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Starting watching last night with no great expectations - absolutely hooked, watched three episodes and will continue this evening.

Anyone else watching?  I like Sophie Rundell, nice to see her in a more contemporary role.  She was also in Gentleman Jack and is it coincidence that the theme tunes have a similar tone?




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i am only on the first episode barry.  I have a lot of trouble watching things on ITVX though for some reason and notsure if i'llcontinue

it was good, i wanted to puch that husband though - he's dodgy AF!

We watched this about 4 weeks ago and kept meaning to put up a review - absolutely fab - really enjoyed it

I watched an episode and a half and decided i'd had enough of the farcical situation re the husband's sister and her family.

Much the same as Ken!

Perhaps I should try it again as obviously it is popular.




We're sticking with it but wouldn't call it riveting.

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I should have put spoiler alert in the title as I have a question about episode 3

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I don't mind a bit of light relief amongst the death and destruction 

Definitely not riveting.




I had seen the trailer for this and somehow thought it might be a bit like Happy Valley but of course, it was nowhere near as good. It was ok, and the way it ended, suggested there may be another series.

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Happy Valley is in a league of its own

Loved Happy Valley also really enjoyed After the Flood . Worth a watch. 

Definitely Barry.  One of the best TV dramas ever with the best actors.  


We turned it off.  Second rate and poorly scripted.

It was the activities and overacting of the sister and family that put me off.  In fact I agree with Naomi.  2nd rate.  

I didn't like happy valley - just could not take to it at all 

Red, I can take to anything that James Norton is in.  Even when he plays such an evil character! :0).

just felt it was overhyped and certainly did not live up to said hype

We loved it. The only drama we liked better was Breaking Bad,  

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We have watched the whole series now and the ending was very satisfying.

We very much enjoyed it 

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After The Flood

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