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Should Boris resign?

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AB Editor | 12:05 Thu 13th Jan 2022 | Politics
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  • Yes - 102 votes
  • 47%
  • No - 81 votes
  • 37%
  • Who cares? - 20 votes
  • 9%
  • This doesn't apply to me - 8 votes
  • 4%
  • Who's Boris? - 6 votes
  • 3%

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I don't disapprove of snitchers/whistle-blowers, but these events happened over a year ago, Boris didn't organise them. I just wonder what is the point of it all? I suspect as I think someone wrote earlier that the men in grey suits have had a hand in this, probably in cahoots with Dominic Cummings. His agenda is all about bringing down Boris (in my opinion), and has very little to do with what is for the good of the country.
Parsley; there was a party in Johnson's garden. His house and garden must be one of the most surveilled places in the country. Johnson surely should know what his 'staff' are doing. Whatever the motive or agenda of the 'snitch' I think we should be told what goes on, even if the police and our'guardians' keep schtum.
Is it worse to be a snitch or a villain?
His house and garden are also a workplace for a great many people. When I was working last year I am pretty certain I shared food and (non alcoholic) drink with my work colleagues. I never thought I was breaking any 'rules' because I was in our shared workplace with people who I was effectively bubbled with. It wasn't a party, just a shared lunchtime, socially distanced of course. Obviously it wasn't a formally organised event, but nevertheless I must also be guilty of breaking lockdown rules and my boss should have resigned for allowing it to happen?
It's not only you who considers it an obsession, Parsley and tiring for many.
When Andy mentions Naomi on a thread she hasn't been on you have to say obsession rather than the debate Andy claims.
If it is deemed right for Boris to resign, then every MP or Civil Servant that attented these "gatherings" should also resign. If they are indeed public servants, employed by the public, they should be fired. All elected officials in attendance should be made to go back to their constituents and ask them what they desire. We should not be allowing the "media" to make the agenda, and determine the outcome of a situation that they have assiduously worked to create.

""Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.""

George Orwell.
I agree with Parsley completely.
You're not part of the government so you don't have to explain yourself to the nation.

Boris does.
I am so pleased that my school reports can't be quoted!!
Gness - if you don't like me, or my posts, feel free to ignore both.

Really, I'd be delighted.
Togo - I said as much about firing them earlier, but thanks to his actions, Boris has lost that option.
The more Boris is attacked the more grass roots Tories will rally behind him.
Just to keep you updated davebro :

Thank you, Parsley et al.
I doubt very much that the Queen would be concerned about the parties, especially as she would never have have known about them if it wasn't for a whistle blower (who I doubt had the Queen's welfare in mind, or the general public). Of course Boris had to apologise, but what riles me in this thread is the false self righteousness of those on here who are insulting the morals of those that don't agree with them.
// When Andy mentions Naomi on a thread she's not on, you have to say obsession rather than debate.//

but she is there in spirit..... I feel sure.

This is about boris innit and not A or N - yes I thought so.

should boris resign?

will Boris resign? - nope - I think it was Theresa May who said, they never do - they like the power too much
and what we ask, awaits him if he does

The Liar Prime Minsi
I personally have never been a grass roots Tory. I voted Tory at the last election because they offered the best option, and there was no decent opposition, and I stick to my decision.
Pat - What do you perceive as 'self-righteous' in those who criticise the law makers for being law breakers?
Wow, what a busy thread. Anyone know who won? can't be bothered to read through. :0)
Teapots - // Anyone know who won? //

Dpends how you define 'victory'.
Miserable Curmudgeons 5 Boris Fangirls 2
Gromit: // " The most obvious precedent is the run-up to the 1997 Election. "

I think you mean the 1993 election. Thatcher was removed in 1990, John Major replaced her and the Tories went on to win in 1993. But he led the party to lose the 1997 election. //

I genuinely did mean the 1997 Election, rather than the 1992 one (not 1993), since I had in mind the idea of the Tories getting increasingly associated with sleaze, which distracted from any and all other issues, allowing Labour to win.

As far as the current story is concerned, I'm wondering if the damage is already done: another change of leader mid-election cycle may help a little, of course, but it depends on who that new leader is, and I'm not sure that there are any who can claim to be above the latest scandals. Indeed, everybody in the Cabinet has rallied round the PM, for now, so they can't really claim to be above that which they are currently defending.

The Prime Ministerial Office is bigger than any one person. And, besides, the idea that it's to Johnson particularly and exclusively that we owe our successful* response to Covid is simply false.

*Successful by what metric, anyway?

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