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What did Liam Stacey actually write

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sp1814 | 12:01 Tue 27th Mar 2012 | News
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Another case of some fool not realizing that alcohol and twitter do not make good bedfellows.

But what is it that landed him in jail?

It's all very curious - and I'm thinking it couldn't be him laughing over the 'death' of Muamba, but something more serious, does anyone know what he actually wrote?


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so baz, anyway, you didn't really answer my question regarding if you think that the muslims who demonstrate and incite racial hatred should be punished by prison, or if you would be happy for them to get away with a slap on the wrist
Morning Baz, Going by previous posts you are capable of producing well thought out reasoned responses, so why is it that you feel the need, every so often to become as the Ed said, uncivil? You do yourself no favours.
Ed - agreed - and that is my concern re. this case. I have had to deal with the fall-out from cyberbullying umpteen times, some of it very unpleasant indeed, and yet the police don't seem to want to touch these. Now kids who do this go on to think they are above the rules for appropriate conduct online - I see Liam S as a product of this laxity, and for that reason think it would sit more fairly if the other cases were also appropriately checked and punished.
Baz, he asked you a question. That isn't twisting anything.

Maybe your skull is too thick to understand the difference between someone asking you a question to better understand your beliefs, and someone "twisting the facts".

"there seems to be a small clique on here who seem to be able to do what they want here with impunity"

Yes, it's a liberal conspiracy here isn't it? People asking you reasonable questions, who the hell do they think they are anyway? Don't they know how important your opinion is?

Here, no one is censored for what they say, but sometimes for the way they say it.
lol now you are being uncivil too ed :)
Ed - let us sooth your troubled brow with anti-troll wipes.....there now.....don't rise to it....
I reckon Baz has gone for a pasty anyway....
Phewww, ^^

I think the jail sentence is most appropriate and I hope the police take action against his mate and others subjected to this form of cyber-bullying.

The Ed is right about the exposure on here, esp to libel. There was a thread yesterday when an accusation was made on a completely foundless basis - the "libeller" did apologise when the facts were presented to them. My concern though is more around cases like what we saw with Jo Yates (Bristol murder) and some of the libellous comments made against the Landlord, despite the warnings of several of us with more legal knowledge than the average....
I didn't realise he was a civil servant? I think the pasty/pastry for lunch is now a requirement.

I can only offer my apologies for being uncivil. I was hoping to illustrate a point, but possibly came off a little on the wrong side of grumpy.

Ed, I think you meant 'uncivil servant'....
"you didn't really answer my question regarding if you think that the muslims who demonstrate and incite racial hatred should be punished by prison,"

i'd rather they had their citzenship revoked and were deported as traitors to a muslim county that better suits their needs

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What did Liam Stacey actually write

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