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What did Liam Stacey actually write

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sp1814 | 12:01 Tue 27th Mar 2012 | News
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Another case of some fool not realizing that alcohol and twitter do not make good bedfellows.

But what is it that landed him in jail?

It's all very curious - and I'm thinking it couldn't be him laughing over the 'death' of Muamba, but something more serious, does anyone know what he actually wrote?


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Liam Stacey has got some comeuppance, but another guy said something worse and remains untroubled by the police and courts:


Oliver Warren of Derby mocked Muamba and when a young woman objected he tweeted a threat of genital mutilation.
lovely people don't they just make you so proud, head in hands...
Yep, makes you proud to be English, not.
He is welsh.
I think baz's AB account must have been hacked...

I'm pretty much with you, sp1814. I wouldn't have minded him getting some sort of community service, possibly on a chain gang, but I freally can't work up any head of steam that he's gone to jail instead.

These are early days for regulating tweets; nobody quite knows how significant they are compared with, say, publishing the same drivel on a website or in the Daily Star. I notice that the first Twitter libel trial ended yesterday (with victory for the plaintiff, a cricketer accused of match-fixing). As more cases come to court, penalties may tend to become more consistent, perhaps more lenient, perhaps not. But I find it hard to summon up any sympathy for this idiot.
So this "twitter" why hasn't got some sort of profanity filter, bit like like AB for example, the offensiveness loses it's sting when it's bleeped out, even in print.
as the saying goes
" i may not agree with what you say, but ill defend your right to say it"

do we have freedom of speech or not

I did read what was said and its absolutelty ridiculous that he is in prison.

wait until the next time these muslim scum parade through the streets preaching death and hate on our citizens, lets see how many of them get a prision sentence
no, you don't have freedom of speech. Whatever gave you that idea? There are a variety of competing freedoms: one person's freedom of speech conflicts with another's freedom not to be subject to hate speech. So both get restricted in one way or another.

I know some people think spouting their own ideas is the most important thing in the world. With the possible exception of Obama, it isn't.
Question Author

We don't have total inpunity to say whatever we feel whenever we feel like it.

If you walkintel to a woman in the street and called her a filthy wh*re or the 'c' word - would you claim 'freedom of speech'?

And on the subject of Muslim demonstrators - do you think they should be able to get away with calling British soldiers murderers and rapists or not?

Also - weren't they fined?
bazwill's comments are bordering on the totally unacceptable and reflect that "Oh I am old-school Britain and God, I want the days back when 1/3rd of the Empire was under our rule." Life has moved on, bazwill, and we all need to be more accommodating of others, the rewards a much more pluralistic, outward looking society. Sure there are some negatives but these we need to manage through.

Stacey's comments are sick and personal attacks, disgusting trash and from someone supposedly getting a good education. It's not about free speech at all, it is perversion and he deserved even more than 56 days - however, a prison record and this on his personnel files, he is condemned to the dregs of society, unless he really brings a change about. As to the other, hopefully he will be arrested and charged.

Has the U of Swansea sent him/them down yet?
"bazwill's comments are bordering on the totally unacceptable "

I see the self righteous indignant handwringers are out tonight.

There is no way except under todays PC regime that this person should have got a prison sentence.

Lets see if prison sentences are dished out to the muslim hate boys every time they march through our cities spreading the messages of vile and hate....
oh, they got fined apparently ! well what do you know
so i dont really get what you are saying. You seem upset that muslims don't get prison for spouting hateful bile, but you are upset that this lad did

Try posting similar filth on here and see what happens. It will be removed, not by the PC Hitlers but but decent folk who do not want to be subjected to disgusting language and sentiments. If you seriously think those tweets are acceptable, then we can only conclude you are similarly minded.
agree with Gromit. It's not about being indignant and all the rest of the bull you spout, it's about some semblance of decency.

Guess we could go round and beat the proverbial out of the little sh1t for making such disgusting remarks, and not only about Mamumba - is that your way of justice bazwillrun? I hope not.
I'm shocked at some of the public's ideals in 2012, UK. Reading an online article about the Muamba tweeter guy, can't believe some of the comments I'm reading.


"It seems to me that the only people who can be accused­ of racist comements are the hard working white people­ of this country whilst the black and asian community­ are only to willing to *** off this country but are­ more than willing to claim every benefit they can.Maybe­ we have the right to be racist as it is us white,hard­ working britains who are keeping them."
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Eep, apologies for the double post, registering account-related malarky!

/// Try posting similar filth on here and see what happens. It will be removed, not by the PC Hitlers but but decent folk who do not want to be subjected to disgusting language and sentiments. ///

There are some on this site who have wished the Queen dead, but they haven't even been removed from this site never mind being sent to jail.

Although I don't in anyway condone what this idiot wrote, the justice system in this country is totally unfair.

Apparently one of those savages who shot that little Asian girl and paralysed her had previously been convicted of carrying a knife, but he was allowed to remain free and to later commit this gang shooting.

There was also the case when a gang of Muslim women attacked and injured a white woman and also made racist remarks against her, did they go to jail? no, the judge simply put their actions down to Muslim women not being used to being drunk.
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