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Lose The Lads Mags Campaign

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AB Editor | 15:16 Thu 13th Jun 2013 | News
103 Answers

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Should "Lads Mags" Be Removed From The Shelves Of Supermarkets?

  • No - 70 votes
  • 78%
  • Yes - 20 votes
  • 22%

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Octavius, I have never seen the magazines that you mention but assuming that they are mags for "gay Lads", then my comment applies. Gay men seeking any kind of quality relationship have the same valuable litmus test to rule out gay spotty no hopers and any opinion in the male gay community that such magazines are the province of the aforesaid spotty no hopers will cause them to become history overnight.
-- answer removed --
yes why not ed, less reason for shoppers to bother going out shopping, they can order them online via subscription, let's do away with shops all together shall we eh? I'd be able to stop at home on here all day then, trific

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Lose The Lads Mags Campaign

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