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AB Editor | 15:16 Thu 13th Jun 2013 | News
103 Answers

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Should "Lads Mags" Be Removed From The Shelves Of Supermarkets?

  • No - 70 votes
  • 78%
  • Yes - 20 votes
  • 22%

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I think an AB Lads Mag might be the next thing....Alba and Minty Dimmock as centrefolds.... ;0)

Seriously, if we let campaigns like this win then we are heading down a road towards censorship that would be a bad thing for the country. I should be the only arbiter of what I look at not some politician doing the right thing by his lobbyist when he's done with his dominatrix for the weekend!!
I don't like them myself, but why should those who do be denied their (I hope) harmless pleasure, so long as they're on the top shelf, out of reach of innocent youngsters.
Is it posh where you live Grimaldi, as round here there is a dearth of innocent youngsters............
It worries me where the staples go!!
Ridiculous , lets remove any recipe mags that feature pork so Muslim employees will not be offended while we are at it.
"so long as they're on the top shelf, out of reach of innocent youngsters."

Not the point of the petition. And being covered up. Not the point. They want Tesco employees and customers to be free from handling or viewing them. So you could still get them somewhere, just not (in this instance) in Tesco.
Photography mags would have to go as well, don't want to encourage peadophiles to take snaps of kids do we ?
At my old address I had the morning and evening papers delivered but when I ordered Viz the newsagent said I had to pick it up from the shop as he didn't want the delivery kids to see it...............
Of course, and I look down my nose at most people.
I'm 6'2!
As to innocence of youth, I'd say they're no less moral than in my time, despite being exposed to far more explicit stuff in more outlets.
Whoops. The Spare Rib relaunch has hit a snag. They don't ownthe name.
No, they bring in men for me to drool over ;)
Question Author
Almost true Gromit:

Apparently the people trying to get it back out the door are having the change the name. Which is a shame because it is a really good name.
Question Author
Ah, this is why you should post something before getting distracted by other nonsense :) - as I just have! beat me to it Gromit.
/// They normalise the idea that it’s acceptable to treat women like sex
objects. ///'

Not just sex objects alone I admit, but isn't that what keeps the human race alive, without the sex attraction between male and females we would soon become extinct?
If women go to male strip shows, it is classed as a 'girlie night out just for laughs', if men go to a strip show they are classes as the 'dirty mac brigade'.

Double standards methinks.
Ah, so not just sexual objects AOG, breeding stock as well then...?
Yes. The human race would definitely have died out without magazines!
i'm intrigued to see that aog thinks

/sex object/

is synonymous with

/sex attraction/

in the same way i suppose, that Spinal Tap thought


meant the same as


-- answer removed --
-- answer removed --

41 to 60 of 103rss feed

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