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Scotland & Independence

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AB Editor | 10:21 Fri 08th Nov 2013 | News
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  • Remain Part Of The UK In Its Current Form - 108 votes
  • 48%
  • Gain Complete Autonomous Independence - 73 votes
  • 33%
  • Remain Part Of The UK But With Greater Ability-Scope To Govern Itself (Devo-Max) - 42 votes
  • 19%

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'Boats' surely you mean 'ships' Ed. there will be a few cutlass wielding irate admirals beating a path to your door if you don't offer an apology immediately. :o)
just a wee reminder, there are job losses on the clyde.
I voted B, lets get shot of the whinning ungrateful shower. I'd vote for it.
Ed. are you American ? Only Americans use 'boats' for 'ships' !
Rightly, in my opinion, it's up to those living in Scotland to choose if they want to break away from a union with Wales, Northern Ireland and England.
The only criterion to qualify for a vote in the independence referendum is your name appearing on a Scottish electoral roll. It doesn't matter where you were born.
Forgot to say that I hope they choose to stay.
i reckon that many English couldn't care less, and many Scots the same,
and that it is a project brought about by Alex Salmond, his baby and has been running with it for some while. Maybe we don't know exactly what he has in mind but he did say rather magnanimously that he wants to keep the Queen, does she want him should be rather on his mind however. Personally if they get Independence they should be absolutely no part of the rest of the UK, if it breaks it entirely then so be it, but this half measure about what he wants and doesn't want, seems to be having your cake and eating it. Be governed entirely from Scotland fine, no problem with that, but the other suggestion of an independent Scottish armed forces seems to me, being a a bit waggish, a Bridge too Far....
we won't get any say, yet English living in Scotland will, or so i understand it...
I voted for them remaining in the UK but with Greater Ability-Scope To Govern Itself

However, my proviso would be that elected representatives from Scotland then have LESS 'ability-scope' to govern England, Wales and Northern Ireland
If your name appears on a Scottish electoral roll you can vote, if it doesn't you can't, and the latter includes Scots who haven't bothered to register.
I ate a whole haggis once, do I get a postal vote?
No, just heartburn, baza.
Only if you ate it a wanner baza :-)
seems daft to me, if Salmond wants the Scots to vote for independence, then why isn't it Scots wherever they live in UK.
Salmond doesn't make the rules, the Scottish parliament does, and that includes all political parties. It just so happens that in Scotland the SNP is the majority party.
but he is the one that has been driving this forward, or at least that is how it seems, seeing as how he gets his message, face into any situation where Independence can be promoted. I know you what it, but what will it really mean for Scotland. After all if you get it, what does it truthfully change
/why isn't it Scots wherever they live in UK/

why should someone who has lived in London for 40 years (and may never return) get to vote on what happens north of the border to the people who live there?
I think it be difficult for the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party NOT to promote nationalism any chance he got. I'm not shouting, I don't know how to do italics :-)
so if i live in Scotland for two years, am on the electoral roll, can vote, yet i might say i don't want Scotland to get it's independence, so as an English person i do get a say. So if a Scot who lives in England for 40 years wants independence for Scotland doesn't get a look in, irrespective he has lived elsewhere for a long time, so that knocks out Billy Connelly, Sir Sean Connery, and any number of Scots who want to see Scotland gets its independence but don't live there.

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Scotland & Independence

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