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Scotland & Independence

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AB Editor | 10:21 Fri 08th Nov 2013 | News
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  • Remain Part Of The UK In Its Current Form - 108 votes
  • 48%
  • Gain Complete Autonomous Independence - 73 votes
  • 33%
  • Remain Part Of The UK But With Greater Ability-Scope To Govern Itself (Devo-Max) - 42 votes
  • 19%

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you can shout all you like, get independence, but please have it fully, not half cocked. Separate tax, NI system, separate parliament, separate revenue collection and separate everything, enough of this picky and choosy. Personally i think we are better together wholly than broken up, that is not because i am so overly fond of Scots or Scotland, though i have some good Scottish friends, but reckon that we would be considerably weaker all around if the union breaks up.
so you are happy that Welsh, Irish, English who live in Scotland get a say in the independence of Scotland.....

I was born in Liverpool

I haven't lived there for 40 years

Oddly enough I don't get to vote in their Council elections
this is somewhat bigger than local council elections, even you must see that. I have lived in the capital all my life, i vote where my politics lie, however i don't get a say on the neighbours, or indeed how the council spend the money it collects from it's citizens. If a Scot wants to have a say on the independence of the country they or their family were born into then i say it should be allowed, even if they live elsewhere in the UK.
/this is somewhat bigger than local council elections, even you must see that./

but the principle is exactly the same

we get to vote, where we live.

I have Scottish ancestors and would feel a personal sense of loss if the Union was broken

But I don't expect to get a vote on whether the current population of Scotland should choose a different path
We would be stronger all round if the English treated the union with respect to the other members instead of bullying and throwing their weight about. Do you remember the poll tax being introduced in Scotland a year before the rest of the UK? What was that all about do you think?
but if you as an Englishman, and i presume you are, would get a say if you lived there, so it would be a no vote, so say for example there are lots of English/Welsh/Irish who live in Scotland say no then how does this balance out.
no idea why it was, however i don't bully anyone, and quite frankly if Scotland gets it's independence, then a whole bunch of people who are not Scottish and no ties with Scotland other than live there, will have had their say, doesn't that strike you as odd.
There's the rub emmie

but I suppose that is where the line has been drawn and maybe;

the numbers of such immigrants is probably not significant

some of the English, Welsh, Irish immigrants will vote for Union and some may well vote for Independence

and one has to assume that a percentage of them will stay in Scotland for the rest of their lives so why shouldn't they have a say?
/no ties with Scotland other than live there/

Live there
Work there
Pay taxes there
Have children born there
Bring up family there
Involved in the community there ...

That's some sort of a stake in the place isn't it?
there is the rub, that many non Scots may well say no, and many Scots may say yes, so the fate of the nations independence hinges on a whole gamut of peoples who may not be Scottish... it's a bit of a strange thing really.... I mean i can't vote down south on the matter, yet if i lived in Edinburgh for a length of time i could.
but suppose you just work there, after all many English guys may be working on the rigs off the coast of Scotland, their families may be back in England, Wales, Ireland. Does that still count as residency ?
do we have a separate tax system ?
I'll say this for the last time.

Name on electoral roll - vote.
Name not on electoral roll - no vote.

and you're kidding yourself emmie if you don't know why the poll tax was introduced in Scotland first.
/do we have a separate tax system ? /


Don't even go there!

The intricacies of how any separation would happen are a minefield
/if you don't know why the poll tax was introduced in Scotland first. /

Was it to stop anyone from Poland voting in the referendum?
zeuhl, you said pay tax there, assuming that we have a separate tax system? we don't do we......
as to the poll tax, no idea why it was rolled out in Scotland first, did you have riots over it, because we did. I am not wholly convinced that what we have now the council tax is actually fairer..... seeing how many people's bills for council tax has gone through the proverbial roof....
i am not kidding myself, why would i.... poll tax in Scotland, what just to piss you all off first....

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Scotland & Independence

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