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I believe that the notion that this officer could have been dealt with in a different manner, but was not because of her ethnicity, is an attempt to dodge the seriousness of the issue.

This is a senior police officer in possession of the most horrible images, failing to take appropriate action - and that is something that needs to be addressed regardless of ethnicity, which is clearly not relevant.

As I said, a wider investigation should be finding out how these images came into the possession of anyone - and appropriate punishments for their dissemination, an act which condones and encourages their creation, should be given as soon as possible.

This issue is not only about the dreadful and inexcusable professional misjudgement of a senior police officer, it is about the unforgivable damage and exploitation of innocent children.
Question Author
It is now time in this the 21 century that persons with a black skin were stopped from being treated with impunity as they are now.
Those who happen to have a darker skin colour can say what they like about the 'nasty horrible racist white man' but let those white men say anything negative regarding the black man and there are cries of racism and much worse.
Why is this?
Because we're too pc and 'right on' in this country aog and we have to abide by all the stupid laws that keep being brought in without us being allowed to habe an opinion of our own. But that doesn't wash with me, I'll still be me and say what I think and I don't give a stuff.
// but it's rather odd that she was charged under laws intended for paedophiles and put on a register for sex offenders, when she is neither.//

er - she was in possession of an indecent photie ( actually downloading one is 'making' one )
and she did nothing even tho it was clear she was under a duty to turn the sender in - - - (her sister)

nothing to do with colour
oh blue photos, yeah but you know
// that persons with a black skin were stopped from being treated with impunity as they are now.//

what are you talking about for chrissakes
she was indicted, tried and convicted
There may be more to this than that which is in the public domain, that may have influenced the decision to charge.
We may never know...
As jackthehat said, unless they can point to examples of white officers being treated differently for similar offences, then no-one has any cause to suggest the woman's race had anything to do with it.
Well the BPA seem to think so. No one else is levelling a allegation of racism against the police.
Just had a thought, if all Met officers self identified themselves as black would you need the BPA also would they all be racist .
I believe there's a Jewish Police Association as well
There is also the catholic Guild and The Welsh Society( known as the Welshers Society in the Met) None of these were, however, hell bent on mischief and causing disharmony amongst Force members. The BPA are agitators. The other groups were cultural and social. I forgot to mention the Met Police Dangling Club who have been accused of drowning worms for recreation
Why do they need Associations its a job like any other ,you do your work for which you are paid for and that's it ,most firms I worked for just had a Sports Club and they got along ok
Totally agree.
// The beef is that it could have been dealt with discretion.//

blimey really? the police Fed can say - o really dont lets prosecute this crime ( in an officer) let us deal with it informally?

well it doesnt happen in medicine/nursing/NHS - even if you are ACQUITTED of the crime, the whole thing can be played out again in the GMC/NMC with a lower standard of proof ( balance of probz)
// I worked for just had a Sports Club and they got along ok//

that is because they played ball with the system - ter daah !

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it’s a duck.....unless it’s black.
oh god dont tell me - there is a Force Rugger Baggers club .

One Commisssioner decided that membership of a Freemasonery Lodge was incompatible with Impartial policing.He attempted to ban membership of the Freemasons within the force. A nice try but the poor old buffer didn't realise that most of his staff officers and other senior officers were 'apron flappers'. How the hell did he think his echelon of incompetents rose to such dizzy heights without being members?

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The Black Police Association Says The Met Is Institutional Racist, Well They Would Say That Wouldn't They?

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