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HFJL2020 | 11:58 Wed 09th Dec 2020 | News
16 Answers
what do u think of these monoliths


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It will turn out to be an advertising campaign.

Some consultant has been paid silly money for this.
I think they're monoliths that some have sited in various places.
Uninclined to make up some story about them.
They've certainly been a talking point!
I like them . The one in the dessert is stunning next to the rocks .
I found one in my dessert - but it turned out to be a spoon!
Point taken W. Desert .
Think you may have it Hopkirk.....
//The one in the dessert is stunning next to the rocks . //

I believe that one has disappeared.
I love the idea of alien teenage mischief makers but I feel Hopkirk is right.
One I could almost call local (25 miles).

Just saw an advert for channel reminded me of the monoliths. The 4 was in big metal shapes.
The Channel4 idents have been around for a few years now.

I know. Maybe it's a C4 conspiracy ;)
Who knows, at least one has been claimed as a personal prank - we may find out.
^ Ed Miliband, was it?

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