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Don't they just get on your tits!
If it meant we'd stop hearing people clamour for them - yes.
No mention of the £50,000 it’s cost to cart away the rubbish they left last time. Save the planet? Hypocrites! When they glue themselves to railings etc, the police should leave them there.
Question Author
Lynne, at the moment nothing that the police are doing has any success.These rebels get away with anything they can at will.
I wish some bu§§er would exterminate the lot of them
I'm aware of that, I don't support their way of going about their mission one bit.
Hefty Bobbi, firing squad??
Question Author
The police do not have the numbers to control this rabble, time to bring the army in to assist.
Hefty? Me?
Nah, size 14 Mamya :0)))
"The police do not have the numbers to control this rabble"
...........Wonder who's fault that is ?.
The three refurbished water cannons cost £322,000.
Home Secretary Theresa May banned their use.
Boris did not get rid of them.
Sadiq Khan sold them for scrap in 2018 for £11,025.
Well, water cannons would be useful right now.

What really baffles me is why the police seem unable to act against them. E.g. the ones sitting on top of the caravan under the arch.

Why not simply couple up the caravan and tow it away? Give them warning and then if they don't get down and they fall off it is their fault. Treat the ones who glue themselves to things in the same way. Give them some solvent, move the car or whatever and leave them and their mates to it. There are laws about highways, protecting other people's property, public indecency (if they glue their behinds to things) etc..

In other words, there are ways of inconveniencing them as much as they inconvenience us, it's just that the political will is lacking.
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Just say what you mean, TTT! :o)
I did, it seems it's too much for some.
Well, if ER come to Manchester, I've got my own poster ready to show them, which says "Climate change is natural. Get over it."
I'd have more respect if they went and demonstrated in Beijing instead of the worlds 2nd best climate change responder. It's like having a go at the vicar for only attending church once a day.
To quote J
Jon Snow "I've never seen so many white people in one place"
Yes we should have kept the water cannons ,,,and got rid of Boris.

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