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Nigel Farage Says...

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gulliver1 | 16:27 Thu 19th Oct 2023 | News
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"I will be The Tory leader by 2026. After claiming he was the star attraction at the Tory Party Conference And now says "I will soon be doing Mr Sunaks job.

Whilst the other idiot JRM says the Cons should roll out the red carpet to welcome him..God help the UK.



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Why doesn't Farage just jog off to the USA and hang out with his mate Trump?
19:08 Thu 19th Oct 2023

 I like Farage because he speaks a lot of sense, but with this he believes his own hype and got ahead of himself too much.

My mate Phil explains things in this youtube video:-

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Why doesn't Farage just jog off to the USA and hang out with his mate Trump?

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Fiveleaves 19.08 Spot on for best answer, And perhaps he could take Boris with him, another Trump admirer.

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Hymie, your 'mate Phil' is another numpty with a camera, too much time on his hands, and the usual mistaken belief that anyone cares for a nanosecond what he thinks about anything under the sun.

Didn't know he was there!

i think farage is right... it will be him or it will be one of his puppets

look at the videos of him swanning around the tory conference! 

Yes, but, it's Nigel Farage!

I know the country did Johnson and Truss but, it's Nigel Farage!

johnson and truss were practically tribute acts anyway... tory voters love him 

dunno if he'd win an election or not

Bring it on!  He's the tops.

He makes my teeth itch!!

If he becomes leader - I will join Khandro and live in European Union.

It's a nice thought - but he's winding you up.

As The Sun headline once went....

'Would the last person out of the country please switch off the lights'

To the OP "Whilst the other idiot JRM "


if hes an idiot apart from a sucker what exactly does that make you ?

he is already in an alliance with priti patel and jacob rees mogg loves to lick nigel's botty 

he'll try for it or he'll get one of his puppets to try on his behalf... he is very popular among tories so i suspect he will win

It's tongue-in-cheek teasing for goodness sake.

look at the videos of him at their conference. he wants it.

He'll have to shift of he 'wants it'.  He's not even a member of the Conservative Party.  :o)

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