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Rule, Britannia! (Not)

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Roobaba | 12:50 Sun 21st Jan 2024 | News
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Rule, Britannia! makes people uncomfortable

How about you.. how do you feel?




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Andres, when bad things have been happening it's nice to have a rallying and inspiring bit of music to raise the spirits.

It doesn't make me feel uncomfortable at all.  It's aspirational.

^^^Yes,I agree with you Atheist . 

The Marseillaise makes Rule Brittania read like a nursery rhyme.

I enjoy it.  Its a rousing piece of music that I can sing along with like I can with some hymns.  Nothing to do with pride.  Although I'm quite proud to be British.  

I don't know the words, I've never heard is sung all the way through. It means no more to me than any other song/anthem/hymn.

Atheist, to answer your question I don't have a favourite verse.  You could ask other people though.  Some of them might.

He doesn't like the song because he feels uncomfortable. He didn't look too uncomfortable on the day he accepted the MBE.

Yet another who wait until they get their little tootsies under the table and then start making noises.

fripfrip. Did the lad apply for an MBE or was he just awarded it for being good at his job?

Exactly,just play the cello and leave politics to the elected politicians,like i said they get a bit of fame and then start calling the shots,did he say anything about it before he got famous.....


fripfrip. You can't play the 'cello, and you haven't been elected. Should you be calling any shots?

He could not do the work i was employed in but whats that got to do with him getting in a strop and going home you think because he plays the cello he's elite?my point of view with people like him who sound off when they get famous is why did he not walk out our speak out when he started off playing the cello.bye for now enjoy your evening.

i had "rule britannia" as my wedding music.  It does not make me feel uncomfy, in fact it makes me smile

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Rule, Britannia! (Not)

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