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The Gambling Prime Minister.

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gulliver1 | 14:10 Tue 06th Feb 2024 | News
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Piers Morgan has bet Rishi Sunak the sum of £1,000 that no immigrants will be deported to Rwanda before the Next GE. And Rishi has shaken hands on it. I would have sooner bet Sunak that the Consevatives will lose the Next GE .  Would be a safer bet.



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1K?  It's less than you betting a penny Gully.

//For the Prime Minister to make such a bet is probably a breach of the ministerial code, in that he stands to directly gain financially - dependent on the success of parliamentary legislation.//

How would he benefit financially?  "Talk TV presenter Mr Morgan said: "I'll bet you £1,000 to a refugee charity you don't get anybody on those planes before the election. Will you take that bet?"

In my view it was unwise of Sunak to accept the bet, but I think the criticism is over the top.

 "Rich man prepared to make £1000 charity donation" doesn't sound quite so  headline-grabbing

Another fuss over nothing.

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Of course the Dyed in the wool true Blues will back their leader even when they know he is in the wrong .They have to.

Of course the Dyed in the wool true Tory haters will criticise their leader even when they know he is not in the wrong .They have to.

If he had refused to take the bet I'm sure someone would have tried to make something of it- either that the PM 'obviously' thinks no-one will really be flown to Rwanda or millionaire Richi refuses to back plan £1000 payment to charity.

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Rishi was Squirming today and trying to distance himself from the bet after people struggling to feed their families and pay their mortages  have found this bet pretty offensive . The working class are wondering if Sunak ,who is worth more than double the wealth of King Charles really understands how people in the UK are struggling.

A cheap stunt by Piers Morgan.

Sunak couldn't avoid criticism whether he'd accepted the bet or not.


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Tomus 20.19 It was trap, set up by Piers Morgan ..and Sunak fell for it Hook line and sinker.

"It's less than you betting a penny Gully." - or even a brain cell?

TTT admits Gully is so well endowed with brain cells, that he wouldn’t miss one – well I never.

//Tomus 20.19 It was trap, set up by Piers Morgan ..and Sunak fell for it Hook line and sinker.//

That's my point. If he'd refused the bet you would be saying the same thing.

'Multi millionaire pm has so little confidence in his policy, he won't even risk giving a mere 1000 quid to charity for it'

..or something similar.

Sunak could have accepted the bet as ‘a sporting bet’, in other words no money involved – that way he would have avoided the criticism he has faced; and go on to explain what a wonderful plan the Rwanda plan is – that is what I would have done as Prime Minister.

That's all great in hindsight hymie but he was put on the spot.

If he'd have had about 30 seconds to think he might have come up with that option. 

Not being a betting man (where money is involved), I’ll always accept a sporting bet on something, with a friend or colleague.

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I still bet that the Tories will be yesterdays chip paper at the GE.

Based on that interview with Piers Moron, Sunak may have bigger problems coming his way – as my mate Phil explains.



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The Gambling Prime Minister.

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