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Is this for Xmas day at home with your parents, at work,dog walking or going out? Maybe you need to check with one of the carehomes first to see if they need you to do a shift on Christmas Day

Don't waste your money - wear something you already have.

If you bought one of those, when would you wear it again?

Look likes nasty cheap material and very frumpy.  

 They are all nice but the  blue fourth one is best.

Thanks everyone, I have the gold top.


I like the first one. It's a lovely colour

What do you wear it with, Sharon?  

Naomi, I wear my gold top with black trousers, either my black velour or leather look ones.

I guess I need fashion advice!!! Move over Abby!!

Sorry Sharon.  Oh dear.  Better creep off this thread now ;0(.  

Not worth worrying about sharon.  I bet that looks good with black velour.  I was going to suggest to abbey teaming it with black trousers.

Wakey, wakey, Abbey!  As NMA stated, you just might  be put on the Christmas Day rota at one of the Care places - they tend to give the day off to workers who have children at home. So .. any top would do under your overall.

Abby, maybe you will answer this time, I have asked you before.  Do you have any of these clothes in your wardrobe, do you go by what we say, or do you just order one when you eventually make up your mind?  Don't you have enough clothes in your wardrobe considering you don't earn a lot of money, and might have to work Christmas anyway?  Hello?? Abby?? 

I have just been shown a pic of the back view of the long sleeved red one. It has a cutaway which would suit a young person

Whichever one matches your knickers - mind you, maybe you need help with these too?

Sequinned knickers ?  OOh er

Abbey... are you OK? All quiet😊

1 is the better option

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21 to 39 of 39rss feed

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