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Which One For Meal Tonight?

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abbeylee90 | 08:38 Fri 01st Mar 2024 | Shopping & Style
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Abbey, it doesn't matter that he knows you went out last night.  You don't have to make excuses.  Just say, 'sorry I've changed my mind and I won't be meeting you tonight'.  That's fine - but do it now.

If he was intending to meet you, surely he would have told you where and when or you would have asked?  

Hazlinny, sounds as though he's not that bothered either

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He said looking forward to later

When was that Abbey

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First thing but not said nothing since 

OK - later - but you don't know where!!  You said he would have to travel to meet you so maybe he is already in town?

Abbey, stop messing about. Just tell him.  It'll be done then and you won't have to think about it any more.

Abbey, I think we all got the impression yesterday that you were going to cancel tonight's date. Now that you've definitely settled on this, it'd be polite to tell the guy as soon as possible. You don't have to go into great detail, but doing nothing - until the very last minute - would be very rude, unfair etc.

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We didn't arrange a time and place where to go so doubt it

Abbey, forget about all the details now - just let the  guy know that you don't want to meet up.

Of course it's unkind 5 hours before you are supposed to meet up?

she new 2 days ago when she said he was scrawny.

unkind and bad manners 

Don't forget this man is a complete stranger to Abbey.  She owes him nothing.  If she isn't comfortable meeting a man she doesn't know, she shouldn't go.

But it costs nothing to be polite and not messing people about Naomi

We're telling her to tell him, Margo.  We can't do any more.

I disagree she entered into a verbal/written contract to meet him. 
She knew days ago she wasn't going to and has left it to the last minute. 
Completely disrespectful!

I hope they don't leave reviews on this dating site.

For goodness sake let this fellow know one way or the other about whether you are going to meet up with him or not. You've already  said that you will go to a pub and that he is driving to the station and parking up there. You are not being fair to him at all. He could live a long way     from you and already be getting ready to drive over.  Just stop dithering!

So she's dithered.  That's not a hanging offence, Redhelen, and if they do leave reviews on the site it won't be your problem.  Have a bit of patience.  We're not all made the same way - thankfully.  

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No I didn't plan not to meet him in advance it today I don't just don't feel like going out.

No they don't or I'd leave that who supposedly going travelling one 

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