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Which One For Meal Tonight?

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abbeylee90 | 08:38 Fri 01st Mar 2024 | Shopping & Style
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Andres, you and I came up with the same word there.  Abbey is a ditherer.  

I reckon on these dating sites, some people say something which they later regret and just don't bother to get in touch again?  This chap did not make any fixed time or meeting place so how could Abbey possibly know where to meet him even if she wanted to do so? 

//We're not all made the same way - thankfully.  //

A dig?

Naomi I'm not saying she doesn't owe him anything or that she doesn't have to go I'm saying that she should have the good manners to let him know asap

Margo, that's what most of us are saying.  She doesn't have to go - nor should she feel obliged to go - but she should let him know sooner rather than later.

naomi-^^^--must be 'great minds'.

You could be right, andres.  ;o)

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I said I don't feel like it and weather awful

So .....  have you just messaged him and what did he say?

Good.  You've done it.  Now forget it and have a night in with a good movie.

Abbey told us at the start of this thread that he would be parking his car at the station and they would go to a pub. Obviously if he is a stranger to the town then Abbey would probably choose which pub. 

Ah well, Problem solved  Good.

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No he knows cardiff but it a big place

Right ,so now you can relax Abbey and enjoy the rest of the day.x

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His location said he in bridgend anyway 

Has he answered?  He might already be on his way. 

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No and his location still bridgend 

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We didn't arrange a time

Delete him now before you end up making another date because he thinks its only because of the weather.  This is what happens when you make excuses instead of just being honest.

My weather app sags its dry in Cardiff 

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Which One For Meal Tonight?

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