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Red Heifer

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fiveleaves | 17:09 Mon 04th Sep 2023 | Religion & Spirituality
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First in 2000 years born in Israel. Those who know, will know. Those who dont know will be baffled


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" .A biological oddity. Just a couple of black hairs would disqualify it".
Where in the bible would I find this statement?
fiveleaves; I think what matters is that if someone wants to persuade others that something important has happened or is about to happen, they can manufacture incidents which can cause thousands if not millions of people to behave in strange ways, if those people are open to non-rational beliefs. I find it worrying.
"Atheist. That is irrelevant. What matters is that the Red Heifer is born in Israel and that it is unblemished. Doesn't matter if it was from important stock"

And there you have it, all you'll ever need to read from religionists and their delusions.
But the prophesy may have expected some fool to have importanted it ! It may not have said so to prevent giving folk ideas.
Question Author
The Temple will have to be rebuilt in Jerusalem, that is the more difficult part
Now the red cow has turned up I'm sure planning permission has to be due any day for a temple. Folk could probably knock up a prefab one for now.
A tempolary building if you will.
Praise be.

not much on the end of the world as we know it
I think that the Labour beer and curry party have just promoted something similar to a position called "shadow levelling up secretary".
... Me neither.
and do we know that the names of colours correspond to the colour that we see now

nope: we knnow they dont - redcow and brown cow are ident. - true red is really a nineteenth century construct
It's the end of the world, Jim, but not as we know it !
There was a plain brown giraffe born the other day. No spots.
Should we be worried?
Togo 20.06 should get best answer!
It's all in the foreskin, a pretty useless cover up to potential breeding.
can one get a really steak from a red a Wagyu?

Moses came down the nountain and said "I've got good news and bad news for you - the number of commandments is reduced to ten, the bad news is adultery is still there but the good news is that I am cooking the Wagyu Red Heifer cows tonight."
Just reread Numbers 19.
So the ancient Israelites were commanded to take
a red heifer, kill it, sprinkle its blood and then burn it.
What has that got to with anything now?

Some religious Loony Tunes want to reinstate a barbaric practice.

Unlike many of you ,I choose to respect the OP post, I don’t really need to agree with it .
You're in a small minority, Anne.

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Red Heifer

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