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jayemcee | 14:55 Wed 05th Oct 2011 | Technology
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I have 2 questions please. Firstly, when someone, anyone, forwards an email to me it is often mostly double spaced blank lines with a leading <, or double << sign. Can i do anything about it, or is that in the senders hands?



<< etc
Secondly I have moved from BT Yahoo email to Hotmail . How do I get rid of the now unwanted email? Although all my contacts are switched over, it still receives a lot of junk mail.

Grateful for some help please.


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"or is that in the senders hands?"
Yes - or at least, it's caused by the sender's e-mail client.
the sender needs to turn off html formating and use plain text.

for a new line in HTML with single line spacing useing the Shift and enter key usually works as opposed to just the enter key
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Thank you very much for your answers bazwillrun and rojash. I have put my email on to plain text and have passed it on to one of the generators of <<<<<<<<. I appreciate your help. Do you know how I can delete/remove my btinternet email address?
delete/remove from where ?

if you dont use it anymore why are youconcerned about it getting junk mail
those <<< can be turned off also, usually in setup,options,preferences, settings or whatever the client call them
Question Author
Thank you bazwillrun. Dont know for sure why I wanted to kill the old email address. Thought it might tidy things up and maybe speed up things a bit??
Maybe I will just ignore it and remove any shortcuts etc so that I don't think about it.

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